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Chassis & Braking / Standard suspension springs
« Last post by AxA on January 13, 2018, 01:12:23 pm »

Looking for a set of new standard springs as part of restoration. VW heritage are providing a cost but have asked for the paint code located on the original springs. I do not have the originals so as far as a paint code its a dead end. Can anyone help or point to another source to purchase standard springs?

Many thanks
Wanted / Re: Wanted: g40 PPP subframe, coilovers, handing upgrades
« Last post by Irmr on January 13, 2018, 10:45:41 am »
Hi I have a full set of coil overs,front set are new and the rear set are used.They are in good condition and only done under a 1000 miles.Taken off. 1992 G40.
Cars for sale / Genuine G40 - K488 YRP *90K MILES*
« Last post by alexmac738 on January 10, 2018, 04:45:08 pm »
Posting here to see if there is any interest in my 1992 (K reg) Polo G40. *ORIGINAL 90K MILES*

MOT until 16/11/18

This is a clean example with the only bit of rust that I can spot on the tailgate under the glass.
The car has had a respray at some point in it's life and it's not amazing. The finish of the paint is okay, however it looks as though the prep work wasn't done to the highest standard as the paint is starting to come off around the edges of the driver's door and on the sunroof.
There is also a slight dent on the passenger's side wing.
Tailgate doesn't open from the outside, button doesn't seem to be connected to the latch itself. You are able to open it from the inside though.
The interior could do with some TLC, passenger seat and rear bench are original material but could do with a clean, stitching is also starting to come away on the rear bench but should be an easy fix if you're taking the material off to clean it anyway. Driver's seat is not the original, apparently the original seat broke and it was replaced with a standard polo seat but I have the material from the original if you would like to swap the material over. Door cards could also use some straightening.
The engine is all original as far as I can tell. Supercharger had a Stage 2 service by JabbaSport at 86k miles. Oil pump, pick up, crank seal and baffle plate all done around 4k miles ago. Timing belt kit also fitted around 4k miles ago.
New fuel tank was fitted around the same time along with the fuel pumps and filter.
Master cylinder replaced around June last year.
Discs and Pads replaced in December along with a caliper (all Pagid). Have new brake shoes, fitting kit and handbrake cables (all Pagid except fitting kit) for the rear brakes but haven't gotten round to doing it yet. (Need to order another handbrake cable due to only ordering one). Two advisories on current MOT were due to the handbrake and the rear registration plate being deteriorated (since been replaced).
Recently replaced the headlight switch and fog light switch.
Rear heated windscreen doesn't work for some reason... tried replacing the switch but still won't work.
Full stainless exhaust fitted last year and sounds good, not too loud at all.
The car has BBS RA's which are in very good condition, tyres are also good.

Looking at the MOT history, the car was off the road between 2008 and 2016 so it has only covered around 5,000 miles in 10 years which is very hard to find nowadays. I have been using the car as my daily since I got it in November and it runs well, it hasn't missed a beat apart from a stalling issue that has since been resolved.
Genuine reason for sale: I got rid of my MK2 Golf GTI 16V for this car and I miss it too much, also the car is too small for me as I am 6'3" so I need something slightly bigger.

The car is located in Preston, Lancashire and I'd be happy to facilitate viewings.
Looking for offers around £3800. Will consider swaps/px with cash my way.
I'd be more than happy to send pictures or answer any questions you may have. Please e-mail me at or ring me on 07483883415. I've tried posting pictures on here but it won't let me for some reason so please contact me for more info.
Engine and Transmission / Re: G40 Cuts Out When Stopping At Junctions
« Last post by alexmac738 on January 10, 2018, 03:39:19 pm »
Cheers for the help guys. Managed to sort the issue by simply adjusting the idle. None of the vacuum pipes that I could see were worn down at all. Adjusting the idle with the screw managed to sort the issue, it idles a wee bit high when cold but settles down fine now :)
Engine and Transmission / Re: Rebuild after 2 years away, a few questions.
« Last post by Agent47 on January 09, 2018, 05:44:40 pm »
The questions continue...

I bought a head many moons ago, and when i did my chassis swap i finally got to putting it in. It's had a fair bit of porting (could be an understatement) and when it was all up and running i saw boost figures of 5-7psi on an OBD stage 2 fresh charger. This is with a gt inlet and 51mm TB. Now it's coming to putting things back together and im looking at gaskets and ports and wondered how much matching i should do.

Inlet manifold - 33x28mm (height x width)
       gasket    - 36x28mm
       head      - 35x28mm
So, do i take out more from the manifold (im thinking yes) but is it possible to take a bit of the gasket off. With the bolts in there's a bit of wiggle room and could, if not aligned perfectly, block some flow. Also need to know which way round the gasket goes.

Exhaust manifold - 39x39mm
            gasket    - 32x32mm
            head      - 30x28mm
This im pretty certain i'll leave alone, the gasket and head match quite well with a bit of wiggle allowed for the gasket. My small concern is with the manifold being so large, that gas may get caught up behind the gasket and potentially leak or block flow.

Thoughts and comments welcome, all figures are within 0.5mm.
Superchargers / G-Lader / Re: Anyone had a go with a G45 yet?
« Last post by Agent47 on January 07, 2018, 10:58:37 pm »
Still on the look out for a video?
Still tempted if only i could find a g60 displacer!
Exterior and Interior / Berg cup arches?
« Last post by Agent47 on January 07, 2018, 10:56:24 pm »
I remember this coming up occasionally on the forum and was always met with "good luck finding them", but i've stumbled across this website today
Looks pretty reasonable if you're in to that thing.
Engine and Transmission / Re: Rebuild after 2 years away, a few questions.
« Last post by Agent47 on January 06, 2018, 07:17:23 pm »
Thanks for the reply.
I ended up going to Germany and buying everything. Had the head pressure tested and it's all good despite a few cracks but no where near any water ports. Should be good to go back together.
Now just sat here looking at parts and considering my 1w lump sat in a shed.....
General Car Chat / Re: VW show and shine vote
« Last post by Ian Johnson on January 03, 2018, 03:06:04 pm »
Not that I'm aware of
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