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Engine and Transmission / Re: Strange happenings with timing
« Last post by steveo3002 on September 09, 2018, 08:29:48 am »
are you sure its the correct dizzy?  and worth looking where it sits , if its at the end of the adjsutment slots something isnt right
Engine and Transmission / Re: Strange happenings with timing
« Last post by NealPeal on September 08, 2018, 10:37:01 pm »
This is a Digifant guide, on page 126 is the timing check... It does say hold it at 2k.. :-)
Engine and Transmission / Re: Over fuelling issue
« Last post by NealPeal on September 08, 2018, 08:17:01 pm »
I've fixed 2 cars doing this I recon, if you want a 2 minute possible fix, bleed your fuel rail.. :-)
If you can get a hand-scope, you can check the Lambda probe signal for active o2 control, but if it doesn't smell of petrol out the back and clean water comes out they were common signs of sorted-ness of a couple of these...
No worries
have had a crapy idle yeah so will see...easy enough to get at anyway
Yeah normal ish sort of thing on the gauge at Matt's is the only way to interpret the actuality of it, it was one I got by accident that did 500psi! I got it for 100psi post-rehaul oil-pressure but can't imagine 500psi anything being trusted near it. But the needle did move significantly, like mine did.. A bit of petrol spurted when the pipe blew off, there's power behind it..! :-|

There's probably a difference between cars sat on driveways and ones that get a run to pump anything through with full opening load levels...
You remember that trouble I had with hunting and idle and stuff, seemed to cure itself around the time of testing the fuel pressure.... When it ran out of petrol it ran like a dog, until I did it again I stated to think, but I also think "crunchy wiring" often..
Then Matt's went from black-sooty-fume-ridden exhaust to clean-water about the time of a pressure test... So I "tested" mine. It's not like a 5sigma result, but next time it runs out I'll bear it in mind..

And when mine ran out on the drive again, I put a canfull in, it started and I left it while we've been spraying..

If you've got lumpy idle still give it a go mate! :-)
intresting , never hear of anyone bleeding em

what results do you get on the gauge , ive just had one delivered
Polo Performance Parts / Re: New G40 Maps- In Stock!!
« Last post by Yoof on September 07, 2018, 09:29:24 pm »
Yup yup  :)
Ah I’ll find you that sender sorry mate.
I will come and check out your spraying may get you to help you cover all my Tesco do is up in the future.ill be over when mines running I’ve got the vcds software on and it works so I’m going to give it a try tomorrow so I’ll give you a call with the results.shame the weather has lost the plot not really spraying weather at the minute sadly
Just that oil pressure light to sort out and I'll call it quits until the respay is done..
the barrier coat has just come for the roof so i bet that'll be done today.. you wanna see the fresh sprayed bonnet not even been flatted is shiny.
Glad of my dad, he is curator of the shell!
Museum piece one day.!
Cup tea anytime? Gotta look at your other chip when we get a mo...
Cool matey, wahey, two workin cars between us in 6 months, not bad eh!
Bleeding the rail certainly helped matters I agree.
And now we seem to be on top of the timing that’s helping too.ive noticed the knock sensors are a problem on these mine keep getting to hot and crumbling I’ve been through 4 in a year and obviously they play a major role in the running of the I need to find a way of stopping them from getting so hot and breaking down.
As we said they are 25 year old classics so they are never going to be problem free so we learn new things about them each day you’ve ceryainly taught me a few things and I’m hoping that vcds software will also aid me in keeping ontop of things too in future
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