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Parts for sale / Black mk2f bonnet
« Last post by hayesey on August 25, 2020, 04:52:49 pm »
Taking up space in my garage,

In pretty much perfect condition, I had this resprayed a few years ago.

Just need rid of it, £40ono?

Located near Oldham.
Parts for sale / 15" Compomotive MOs
« Last post by hayesey on August 24, 2020, 09:41:30 am »
Reluctantly selling my English made Compomotive MOs. I love these wheels but I don’t have anything to use them on anymore.

They are powder coated black. In very good condition.

With Yokohama S drive tyres, 195/45/15. The tyres are a few years old but in good condition with 4-6mm left on them. No cracks or damage to them.

All centre caps are present.

They have spigot rings in them to suit VW fitment (eg mk2 golf).

Pick up only from near Oldham with social distancing observed etc...

Loads of pictures here:

Here the picture of the wiring free and the connector free.

Hi !

I've a big problem and I hope find some answer here.

So I've move some part to see more and maybe touch something I'm not sure so I prefer ask you. As you can see in pictures. I've found a wiring free black/black-blue like that. It's possible it's connected to the second wiring brown with withe connector ? It's the only free I've found behind the clusters where I've work.

And second problem. When I start car, she's dies directly. I've don't listen the pump turning so I've check the relay. It's dead ( blue oxydation) but I've reconnected that instantly I've the connector burn. Just onne cable!  And after retry I've see the pin of relays it's done. He return inside the relay and I can listen some noise inside. But it's possible the relay dead instantly like that? Or it's the cable who I find disconnected?

Many thank for all
Cars for sale / Re: Polo G40 High Spec For Sale
« Last post by G40Nik on August 06, 2020, 09:25:36 pm »
General Car Chat / Re: New to the forum and some questions
« Last post by e90330 on August 06, 2020, 06:16:27 am »
Wow, lots of info, thx!
Yeah, I hear you, regarding the brakes. But nice calipers do look good. I found a website which sells 4-pots for 13" wheels, hi-tec calipers. Any good? They also seem to have a set for the rear, as I would like to convert to disc on the rear. They are not fast when it comes to answering mails though :)

Could you recommend some online business which is selling G40 parts? I can't find anything, but I will go looking for items like the red bumper and grille stripes, G40 logo's for boot and front, roof antenna etc. New to this world :)

Also, I ready that Golf GTI mk1 wheels, I belive 6.5 do fit on the Polo, but I read different things about the offset. I believe it should be ET43?

Thanks for the input

General Car Chat / Re: New to the forum and some questions
« Last post by hayesey on August 05, 2020, 12:29:48 pm »
good stuff! any pictures of it?

G60 injectors will just be matched to the ECU chip in it. Not really anything to do with fitting a g60 g-lader. It is possible to fit a g60 but it's not a small job fair a fair bit of custom work needed (bracketry, pullies, belts, boost piping, intercooler etc...). The biggest issue will be reliability though, the g60 blower has a bad enough reputation for reliability on a golf or corrado tall block. On a small block, fast revving engine they are even worse. If your target is 160-170bhp this is achievable with a g40 g-lader and will be more reliable. You will probably need a ported head and bigger exhaust valves.

As for the brakes, wilwood still make midilite 4-pot calipers but it does seem that rally design dont list the 256mm mk1 golf conversion kit anymore which is what also fitted on g40s. I've had these brakes on mine for years and whilst they are great I think they are overkill for a road car with 160-170bhp. I would say just stick with the 239mm brakes but use some decent pads (everyone has their own opinions on pads I always liked ferodo ds2500s on the 239mm), decent new discs, braided hoses, new decent quality brake fluid. Replace/refurbish all the components of the drums on the rear, the rear brakes do very little on such a light FWD car like a g40 but if they are in bad condition they will affect the whole braking performance, pedal travel etc... Using a bigger master cylinder will reduce pedal travel but mean you need to press the pedal harder, it's a personal preference thing which you prefer. If you do want some bigger discs then get hold of the audi 256mm caliper carriers, various posts on here somewhere about using those with the 256mm discs and correct calipers.

For suspension, I would either go for a decent quality set of coilovers (which is definitely not ta-technix) or for a lot less money, decent quality shocks & springs kit.

Cars for sale / Re: Polo G40 High Spec For Sale
« Last post by ChargerCharger on August 04, 2020, 02:30:09 pm »
Pm u
Turbochargers / Re: K03 rebuild kits and transverse K03 cores
« Last post by NealPeal on August 04, 2020, 10:32:22 am »
How you doin H? Wow turbo, sounds a lot of fun!
General Car Chat / Re: New to the forum and some questions
« Last post by e90330 on August 03, 2020, 10:14:28 pm »
Right... so while buying the G40 engine and gearbox, I also bought an G40  ::) almost standard, some stupid modification which can be rectified easily. Some small things to be fixed, nothing major. No rust at all. Freshly rebuilt supercharger. Soooo, plans changed a bit. First, I want to bring the G40 back to original state. Then, I would like to put some performance upgrades on it.
- According to the owner, the car already has G60 injectors. Does it mean that with a G60 lader, small poulie and software I can get some 160-170 reliable horses?
- which is a good G40 sports exhaust? I don't need noise, but more flow. Can I just remove the cat with no consequences?
- brakes: Wilwood had some, but no longer for sale. Is there a way to put 4 pot bbk on it (maybe with 14" golf wheels). Or some better brakes from another model?
- anyone experience with KW coilovers? Or TA-Technix, which are half the price?

Thanks a lot in advance
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