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Ongoing Projects / Re: Hayesey's red G40 restoration - J142WLS
« Last post by hayesey on April 19, 2023, 04:51:15 pm »
Mark, no it's not the original engine the car had when you had it. Nealpeal bought the car as an empty shell and put his engine & charger from his car that he crashed (or got crashed into), really it was lucky to not get scrapped at that point, it'd have been about 10 years ago I think and empty g40 shells not being worth a lot then.

I've heard that Fred who lives near Nelson has the original engine but I think it's either been re-bored for 1341 already or had a melted piston and needs a re-bore.

So I think even though it's not the original engine, the engine I have is best as it's very original condition and from what I can see has never been modified in any way. I've got the code so will get the v5c updated to match.

Ongoing Projects / Re: Hayesey's red G40 restoration - J142WLS
« Last post by confusionhunter on April 19, 2023, 01:06:47 pm »
Long live the build threads! Good work!
I don't think the charger was original when you got it then. When it left my care it had a toothed belt pulley set and a PSD full blend charger!
Totally mad to think there was that hole under neath the body seal!
Ongoing Projects / Re: Hayesey's red G40 restoration - J142WLS
« Last post by hayesey on April 18, 2023, 12:47:51 pm »
Had a few photos from Steve as he's been removing the underseal so we can see the full extent of rust needing attention.

Hole in inner wing now gone! :

Most of the underseal is now off.

Steve says it's not the worst he's been by a long stretch, not the best either but certainly nothing he can't deal with.

He did find a new hole that needs fixing though. You couldn't see anything of this hole with the underseal on it was totally covered up, well worth getting the underseal off to find things like this!:

Meanwhile I've made a start on stripping down axle, suspension etc... for power coating.

Have also been buying some things needed, Steve wants to replace the front and rear edges of the sills, not the whole sills but it's best to just buy the whole sill panels and cut off the bits he wants so I got some new sills. Got some rear arches cut off another polo from another Steve (Morris). Will soon have a replacement jacking point panel too. At the moment, any other repairs will just be done with sheet steel.

Ongoing Projects / Re: Hayesey's red G40 restoration - J142WLS
« Last post by Max on April 06, 2023, 09:19:01 pm »
Great to see a build thread again, making me want to do one too!

Look forward to seeing some more updates.
Ongoing Projects / Hayesey's red G40 restoration - J142WLS
« Last post by hayesey on April 04, 2023, 05:35:04 pm »
Back in 2020, I bought another G40. I got it from Nealpeal (a member on this forum) as it had been sat on his driveway for some time and he came to the conclusion that he wasn't going to use it, so wanted to sell it to someone who wouldn't just break it.

I already knew the car as once being owned by Mark Hunter in the early-to-mid 2000s, he's a long-time member of this group.

When I first bought it, I spent a fair bit of time re-commissioning it, getting it back on the road and MOTd. Things like replacing belts, ignition parts, filters, charger service etc... After that I used the car for a couple of years, taking it to shows in the summer, SORNing in winter, the occasional run out on a Sunday. But it has always been my intention to get it properly restored.

It's had various owners over the years, it's had modifications done to it in the past including some strange paintwork (someone painted the roof, boot, bonnet and c-pillars black) and some DIY paintwork back to red. So it really needs properly stripping down and sorting out.

Last year I got talking to another member on here, Steve (sleag40), on our ClubG40 stand at tatton park, he said that he could take this work on. He later showed me the astounding level of restoration work he'd done to a mk2 Cavalier and he knows G40s too owning a very nice L-reg one himself. It seemed perfect.

So a few weeks ago I agreed a plan with him and the work has begun. I want to document progress in this thread.

My goal isn't going to be a full-on concourse level car at the end but a very nicely sorted, standard spec, G40 which will last another 30 years hopefully!

Firstly, some old pictures of it.

This is a photo I took at (if I remember correctly) VW Action 2004. Mark Hunter owned it at the time. The red 6n parked next to it was my car at the time!

This is it again some time after Mark sold it, the less said the better........

Then when I first got it home in 2020, I had to trailer it as it hadn't been on the road for quite a few years at that point,

Next, some repair work don't by myself which were necessary to get it back on the road but I always saw as being temporary:

Charger went off to PeteG40 for servicing, amazingly it had never been touched, no porting or anything which is good for me as it's keeps it original spec! The charger wouldn't be the same as the car had originally as Nealpeal put his engine into this shell when he had the car.

It had it's first MOT in about ten years:

At this point, I just used it. Went to some shows etc...

Pretty much the first meetup to happen after lockdown, cars&coffee manchester (which was ridiculously busy and we had to get there very early to get it):

And then Tatton Park VW Show 2022:

Which brings us to a couple of weeks ago when I booked two days off work to get it ready to take to Steve for the part of the restoration he will be handling since bodywork and paint aren't my forte:

Not bad for two day's work I don't think!

Then, Sunday just gone, I got it back on the trailer and took it to Steve's unit where we got it up on his spit:

So the first job Steve will do is getting all the underseal off down to the e coat. Then he'll do any welding that's needed and reseal it all, then it'll be off for paint. But this will all take a few months.

I got my first update photo last night from Steve:

Yes there is a hole cut in the inner wing, that's from it having a wing vent fitted I suspect, in it's euro-look-gone-wrong days. It'll be getting welded up.

Meanwhile I will be rebuilding/refreshing the engine (there's nothing wrong with it just needs making look nice and will be doing all seals etc.. while it's on a stand) and getting all the other parts made to look like new or replaced. New nuts and bolts all round too. I wont be putting any manky bits back on to this once I get the shell back.
Exterior and Interior / Re: G40 seat and doorcard fabric
« Last post by Max on April 03, 2023, 01:41:58 pm »
Yep worth doing I think!
Exterior and Interior / Re: G40 seat and doorcard fabric
« Last post by hayesey on April 03, 2023, 09:44:05 am »
really? that's disappointing. Maybe I should ask too, if enough people ask then they might start to think there's enough demand
Exterior and Interior / Re: G40 seat and doorcard fabric
« Last post by Max on April 02, 2023, 06:05:40 pm »
A fairly short “nein” was the response!
Exterior and Interior / Re: G40 seat and doorcard fabric
« Last post by hayesey on March 29, 2023, 04:18:02 pm »
I'm interested in what they say
General Car Chat / Re: New to the forum and some questions
« Last post by hayesey on March 29, 2023, 02:28:10 pm »
are the photos before or after it's been repaired? looks quite clean there (dusty obviously ...).

To tell if the ECU is standard or not, open it up and look at the chip. Four torx head screws and then slide the board out, remove the metal clip from the RF shield and pull that off. Standard chip should have a silver sticker on it with a partcode. Otherwise, post a photo of what you find. Highly likely it's been changed if someone had gone to the lengths of changing the intercooler.

The injectors will have a part code on them, check against this table:

VWII calipers came on loads of VWs from 80s and 90s, pretty much anything with 239mm discs. MK2 golf etc... but the caliper carriers will be different, you can get away with using the VWI carriers, they'll fit but are different. Or find carriers from mk1 golf, mk1/2 scirocco etc... or from a polo where someone is upgrading brakes.

If you're going for modified though I'd get some 256mm discs and suitable calipers, off an audi of some sort, there'll be threads in the braking section on here somewhere, put some wanted ads up too, check facebook groups if you're on there (much more active than the forum nowadays sadly).
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