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Wanted / Radio-CD-PLAYER Loom plug in Plug
« Last post by Big Eric on Today at 10:55:27 am »
HI There,
              I have a problem, a previous owner chopped off the loom plug which fits into the back of the radio/cd player,so I am
              after a plug with about six inches of the loom wires, so that i can solder and heat shrink it to the existing wires. has
              any one got one spare?
Parts for sale / Full blend supercharger for sale open to offers fully rebuilt
« Last post by G40jack21 on August 16, 2019, 09:59:15 am »
I am selling my supercharger as I am now going down the turbo route. It’s an original vw polo g40 supercharger thats had lots of work done on it at jabbasport. It is an r1 supercharger the sound is beautiful it’s in mint condition last rebuild was 2 years ago only done 500 genuine miles since then. Got invoices and markings on charger to prove rebuild did happen.
Superchargers / G-Lader / Supercharger pulley. Is it loose?
« Last post by Baggylee on August 13, 2019, 11:14:32 pm »
Hi, new to this so looking for some input please? My charger is making a rattling noise which I assume is not right? When I removed the belt I note the pulley does move in/out easy but the bolt seems tight. Should the pulley have play or not?

Engine and Transmission / Re: Pistons
« Last post by hey pauley on August 10, 2019, 01:12:17 pm »
You’ll have the same problem trying to get rings from accralite. Iv been chasing a set for 6 months. I can get you part number for the accralite ones. Think I might end up buying a set of wossner so I can get cracked on.
Engine and Transmission / Re: G40 rough as a badger's arse on throttle at low revs
« Last post by markg40T on August 09, 2019, 12:22:08 pm »
i would also check the resistance of you CO pot on the top boost pipe as this is used to change the richness of the engine on tick over. there is a thread on here that tells you the correct ohms to begin with then you can adjust this at an mot station to correct it to get it to the desired reading.

Electrical / Re: instrument panel removal
« Last post by hayesey on August 09, 2019, 09:03:52 am »
yeah they're a pain those clips.  I've done the same as you in the past, remove the radio (or whatever you have in the radio hole, I have an AFR meter and an oil pressure gauge in there) to get access to one side then get some limited access to the other side by removing the headlight switch.
Engine and Transmission / accralite piston Rings
« Last post by hey pauley on August 08, 2019, 09:08:59 pm »
Having a mare. Trying to get some rings for 77mm pistons, ring accralite and they tell me not done them for ages and there look into it. Been months no still no luck. Anyone have any Laying around or be able to point me in the right direction. Otherwise there’ll be 4 forged ashtrays for sale soon. Thanks
Electrical / instrument panel removal
« Last post by Big Eric on August 08, 2019, 05:59:33 pm »
HI There,
              When removing the instrument panel assembly, according to the haynes book of lies and omissions you just pop the
              special tool or equivalent into the four holes and bingo the instrument panel should just pop out. So what do you do
              if it wont come out? The panel is held in place by spring steel clips which spring out and lock the panel in place, so when
              you pop in the release tools the springs are forced inwards so that the panel clears the panel aperture for removal. The
              problem i had was when the removal tools were inserted instead of forcing the retaining springs inwards the tools
              went under the springs and forced them further out because the spring clips were not in alignment with the tool
              access holes.  What kinell do i do now? access at the back of the panel nil, remove the Facia panel!! fortunately at
              the time i had removed my old CD/Radio, I managed to get my hand through the radio access hole and compress
              the nearest springs and fit the retaining spring tools in.That gave me enough clearance to remove the Instrument
               Panel.So fellow G owners ask yourself do I rely need to remove the instrument Panel?
Engine and Transmission / Re: Power figures
« Last post by Agent47 on August 01, 2019, 10:21:10 am »
If more than 200hp is possible I'll look in to it at a later date. And i fully agree, VW didn't design injectors to run at 90% and  make standard power. Hopefully the Dyno will tell all this afternoon.
Engine and Transmission / Re: Power figures
« Last post by hayesey on August 01, 2019, 08:59:50 am »
His figures are a bit off.  For example, a G60 is 160bhp in a 1.8l engine as standard so there's no way g60 injectors are only any good for 160bhp.  It's a crude comparison but then simply rating injectors by bhp is crude anyway.  You can use 310cc injectors which are good for 200+ bhp.  But if you don't plan on doing more than you've listed there.  I have 315cc injectors on mine with the standard fuel pressure reg. 
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