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Ongoing Projects / Re: My Polo G40 KCK
« Last post by pauloscooby on Today at 12:08:57 am »

Jester What is the measure of your car's wheels?
Engine and Transmission / Re: White Smoke from breather / boost return mod
« Last post by PeteG40 on Yesterday at 08:53:30 am »
depending on the mileage, i'd get the head rebuilt while its off...

valve guides, stem seals, skim and the valves re-cut.

Used to cost about £150ish when i got it done, maybe £200 at a decent engineering place...  But worthwhile while its off.
General Chat / Re: Hello again, best regards from Leicester!
« Last post by SamG40 on June 20, 2018, 10:23:24 pm »
Nice to hear you still have it, there are quite a few long term owners still on here (my first one was in 2002). Always good to have a goal to look forward to. Good luck with the ops.

General Chat / Re: Hello again, best regards from Leicester!
« Last post by NealPeal on June 20, 2018, 10:05:01 pm »
Tinkering, yeah!!! Love it, nice one  hayesey, you've still not grown up either then :-) ...!
It is just so simple which does appeal.. It is just a shame it's so cramped, no room to take the starter off without whipping the whole unit out..!

Amazingly the lump dropped in today in 20 minutes and is ready for wiring up in the morning!! I might get to drive it 5 meters up and down the drive tomorrow, 1st time driving anything but a (fun!) lawnmower in 5 years!..

I can still do loads of stuff but need an oppo in case I have a blackout... That's life, cool!

Big smiles matey, we'll meet one day!
Engine and Transmission / Re: White Smoke from breather / boost return mod
« Last post by 642855659 on June 20, 2018, 09:22:41 pm »
Ok cheers, I'll get it stripped down in a couple of weeks and check it out.

Is it worth getting the head tested or is it a waste of money
Electrical / Re: diagnostic reader help
« Last post by hayesey on June 20, 2018, 09:02:19 am »
you shouldn't need the L line, just the K.  You might find those code readers a bit hit & miss, I've always had the best results using an old VAGCOM lead (with an rs232 connector, that old!) and "VWTOOL.EXE" software.  Info and a link to the software you can download here:

General Chat / Re: Hello again, best regards from Leicester!
« Last post by hayesey on June 20, 2018, 08:58:59 am »
Hi Neal, glad to see you're still tinkering with the old G40.
Wanted / Re: Cambelt cover clips
« Last post by NealPeal on June 19, 2018, 09:10:57 pm »
Thanks, perfect! I'll order some if the breakers have none...
We're aiming for perfection (apart from the charger service), and one is on the list!
Cheers Ereeiz
General Chat / Re: Hello again, best regards from Leicester!
« Last post by NealPeal on June 19, 2018, 09:04:28 pm »
Yay, hello!!!!!  I smiled, cheers, hmm track days…?! Cor you've had yours ages phew... (I write mine off at an average of 1 every 5 years, you've done well!!) We both registered on here about the same time, it's been 10 years!!

I had that first *public* seizure in ages in October (sat in the audience before a regular stand-up gig I do in Leicester & Derby...  I still did my set after half hour sleep and was funny, but.... There's at least a video of the set to prove it!

but that's done me, I wouldn't trust myself up a ladder even... I have decided I've gave up fun until there's more surgery done, even stopping playing indoor-bowls in case I scare them!
I just sit here writing code, making little bits on the 3d printer and feeding the hedgehogs at night... The car is similar, something to play with..! Until it gets told to bury me..... :-|
Someone waved £4000 cash in my face for it last year (probably thinking it was a MK1 golf GTI!) but still these are rarer!. Only takes one demonstration of it running to sell it to someone racy! We're spraying the roof again where next-door jetwashed sand all over it but that's fine, will look brand new again again again!

Yeah I wouldn't trust me and a track day at the moment there are daily blackouts and weekly "screamers" .The epilepsy tablets are *just* like I remember magic-mushrooms and I find the benefits of canabinols twice a day :-) so the world is a bit psychotronic psychedelic!.. I'd love to come to see a track day one day, just too far from Leicester to get trains and busses.. And I'm jobless/potless/!, but I do get a free busspass and teeth and glasses at 42!!! :-)

There's an appointment to chat about surgery just came for the 4th July.. 10am, north London..
I wish I could go to London *just one more time in the Polo* (although at about 18MPG) but as it is we're going in a Hybrid Toyota (65MPG) ..!

I am lucky to live with my parents, have my dad to fix the cars with in his garage with loads of tools, with a lathe and 3d/normal printers and a Swimming Club data to administer.! We bought the engine lift off Ebay for £90 and will sell it when we're done!!

Cor, for the days when Worcestershire was only an hour/half away
Cheerz Ereeiz
NEAL :-)
Cars for sale / Re: Totally standard **85,196** miles GREY G40
« Last post by Martyng40 on June 19, 2018, 08:33:44 pm »
Much did you get if you don’t mind me asking
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