Author Topic: driveshaft catching rear of sump  (Read 1285 times)

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driveshaft catching rear of sump
« on: September 13, 2009, 05:57:43 pm »
when aw tracksport done work on my G they welded a pipe at 45 degree angle pointing upwards at rear of sump. there is a rubber pipe between this and the oil catch tank the recycle the oil from the catch tank. it has been fine for a few years but the driveshaft seems to be catching this pipe now.

ok i could just put a standard sump back on it, but the reason im posting is that if its been ok for a few years then why is it catching now, it doesnt catch all the time but seems to do it at change of speeds up or down and pulling off. I have been thinking that maybe the engine has dropped slightly and causing it to touch a bit. could it be engine mounts need replacing. there is a slight knocking sound but it could be the rubbing causing this.

i have checked the bottom arms/bushes/arb etc. but they seem fine