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v belt pulleys
« on: February 06, 2009, 01:43:35 am »
i am going to be renewing my belts, do you need to change the v-belt pulleys?

i noticed that there is a pulley on the alternator and one with the charger, is it normal course to change these

i enquired at my local vw dealership about these pulleys and they said it would have to come in from germany which could take a few weeks! is there any alternative pulleys available?

i tried ordering a cambelt kit and was told there was no idler or tensioner, is this true all the cars ive had in the past had these...

is there anything else i should renew.. i have already ordered

gearbox oil
oil + oil filter
fuel filter
thermostat+ thermostat housing+washer

any other recommendations or input....


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Re: v belt pulleys
« Reply #1 on: February 06, 2009, 08:04:45 am »
the v belt pulleys dont need to be renewed.

the cambelt is tensioned by the water pump - it a good idea to renew this with the cam belt (its on your list anyway)

if your doing a service i'd add to your list

air filter
dizzy cap, rotor arm - for peice of mind

if your flush
plug leads
spark plugs

be careful with the thermostat - as the housings are getting to an age where they often break when removing the thermostat.

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Re: v belt pulleys
« Reply #2 on: February 06, 2009, 11:22:29 am »
You have to service the car...
Changing the fuel filter and inspecting the plugs isn't a bad idea (the plugs are longlife for (30.000km/18.750miles)
If you going to change the thermostat-change and the fan switch (it's bolted on the radiator at the right side)
Does the previous owner has a service book? Check whats the condition of the charger too...

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Re: v belt pulleys
« Reply #3 on: February 09, 2009, 09:13:33 pm »
thanks guys, exactly what i needed to know, nearly got all my bits

just a couple things left