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mk1 eaton g40 exhaust system
« on: January 15, 2009, 09:26:26 pm »
Its proving quite hard to find the right exhaust sytem for a reasonable price for my mk1 and i think im going to go down the route of doing my own. I don't want to go with anything off the shelf as i want the fit to be spot on.

First option i have is buy the bastuck 63mm middle section and get the front straight section and rear silencer made up which is easy enough.

But another thing i was thinking about was just to shorten the exhaust system and keep everything in the transmission/main tunnel, i reckon two silencers would fit under there pretty easily. I wouldn't have to have order the bastuck center section any get mandrel bending done, plus this would help weight distrubution laugh.gif

Anybody in the know how about exhausts, would this do much harm shortening the system so it could all fit in the tunnel? ie how important is this length to the exhausts system operation as a whole?