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Jabba's only 10mins from me. I've heard some dodgy reports but it'd be easier to use them.

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[quote pid=833 author=G-spot date=1208108203][quote pid=832 author=supercharged spaniel date=1208105575][quote pid=826 author=Alexiskayak_7 date=1208100902]What do you mean they last 60-100k miles? Is there a possibility that a g lader can't be rebuilded (withaout be blown)[/quote]

no he means , between 60-100k they may be starting to break down, as in the seals may be leaking/weeping and the bearings may be starting to collapse.  my g40's charger had done 100k and was rebuilt and was in good condition.  but i still got it rebuilt because there is no way it will have been working on top form.[/quote]

Not sure who does rebuilds these days, I've always done my own, and now that PSD has gone I wouldn't know who to recommend after me!![/quote]


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ive just started rebuilding my spare charger, ive never done one before, but to be honest its not that bad (so far) the guide in the 2 issues of golf + is worth getting hold of, for sure.  so far ive got the thing in bits and just have the bearings to remove.  the hardest part is getting the oil seal out without damaging anything.  So long as you are very gentle you should be able to prise them out with out damage.  the only special tools ive needed so far are circlip pliers and an oil seal puller.
ive also ported the outlet myself using pics i found online as a guide

i havnt gone mad with porting and i have tapered the ports so in the middle they are nearly full size, how much difference it will make is yet to be seen, but ive seen far shonkier porting on pics of some chargers that have been pro rebuilt.

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i heatcharger parts up and then remove bearings

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Is any1 working on a guide 2 put up? I want 2 rebuild mine and just want something 2 go by!