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highland g40
« on: December 01, 2008, 09:20:32 pm »
oh yeah and its a G40!!

shite photos all ive got when i came up the road with it

got a few things done to it too
front lower GED brace bar and rear upper brace
40mm Gmax springs & shocks
PSD full blend supercharger running a RPM toothed belt kit
250cc Green G60 injectors (why i kangaroo everywherei think)
SNS stage 5 chip with 7300rpm limit
etc etc

few things i wanna sort on it that are bugging me no big problems really

had it a few hours and picked up a mate went down a road which had a speed bump which was then removed when i was driving last, which has been put back there, slowed down for it knocked the exhaust (4 people in car) noticed the car behind me wasnt slowing down so i accelerated away, pulled into the car park and the car behind turns out to be a 4x4 police car, the guy got out and asked why i redlined it from the speed bump  ::)
i thought he was gonna go into me, so i got a producer  >:(

 need to see  about going to a track day or two

four branch on its way got a good deal on that so was hard not to lol