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My white standard car
« on: March 30, 2013, 07:41:07 pm »
Well I've had this car since 2006 and it is my second G. I've just realised I've never put up anything on here about it but after finding a thread on club polo about it I thought I'd put something up. I've just serviced the car today ready to tax it on Monday. The last few years this has very much been a pampered second car which has lived in the garage only coming out to play in the good weather (whenever that is). I took it to spa for the f1 and onto Germany camping including a trip to the ring where it behaved brilliantly. Ill copy in the post I made on club polo in 2008 along with some recent pictures to start with and add to it in time. Some of the info from the 2008 thread is a bit out of date but it is largely the same.

Engine: Standard 1272

Suspension: Standard

Brakes: Standard with Raicam pads

Wheels and Tyres: Standard RA's

Exterior Styling: Genuine headlight protectors (sometimes), early Mk2 mirrors, tinted glass

Interior Styling: Mome team steering wheel, Split folding rear bench with headrests

ICE and Security: Lots of security!

Comments: This is my second G, my first being a black car I sold at the end of 06 to buy this car from PeteG40's Dad. Its a very well looked after example and still very tight. Its done just a shade over the mileage in the last picture now as it lives in the garage most of the time now. I was umming and arring about lowering it when I first got it but I think it will be staying standard ride height now with the standard wheels. I like the idea of keeping it looking completely stock. My only future plans are for a decat and an oil cooler. I also intend to replace the suspension with new standard springs on Koni shocks, but there is no massive rush with the car not doing mega mileage and the suspension that is on it not being overly tired. I would also like a respray in the next couple of years, pictures hide a multitude of sins! Anyway hope you enjoy the pics!

This is from today after getting out of the garage for the first time since September and trying out the ambers. Not 100% yet.

A couple from last year after I got it back from having some paint done to sort a few issues out.

And at BVF last year. Shame this isn't on this year, hopefully it will be back in the future along with decent crowds again.

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Re: My white standard car
« Reply #1 on: April 02, 2013, 09:59:50 am »
I like it on the amber indicators!