Author Topic: How to remove a G40 charger  (Read 5388 times)

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How to remove a G40 charger
« on: March 30, 2008, 02:05:37 pm »
Removing G40 Charger from the car.

Tools required.

10mm Allen key
5mm Allen key
13mm socket
13mm spanner
14mm spanner
19mm spanner
Chain whip
17mm socket
6mm socket

Remove air box/cone filter.
Remove Grill
Remove boost return and the air box hose from the charger with 5mm Allen key and undo hose clip with 6mm Allen key/flat head screwdriver.
Bung the charger inlet ports up with a clean plastic bag so that foreign objects cannot enter the charger.
Remove the 3x 13mm manifold bracket bolts from the charger/manifold and remove the bracket.
Remove the 3x 13mm bolts holding the exhaust dome on the charger using a socket and appropriate extension bar.
Remove the 19mm bolt situated on the lower part of the pulley side of the charger.
Slacken off the 10mm pivot Allen bolt at the top of the charger.
You should now be able to tilt the charger back towards the engine, this will allow you access to the oil 14mm drain hose banjo bolt located on the on the lower side of the charger, remove this and recover the copper washers.
Remove the 13mm oil feed banjo bolt located on the front outlet side of the charger.
Remove the 13mm bolt holding the oil feed hose clip to the charger.
Remove the 13mm earth strap location nut from the chassis leg.
Remove the charger belts from the charger pulley.
Lock off the charger pulley with the chain whip.
Undo the 17mm pulley bolt.
Slide off the pulley
Withdraw the 10mm Allen pivot bolt now and the charger out of the engine bracket and rotate the charger so that the pulley shaft is pointing up towards you.
Remove the 13 remaining 13mm bolts holding the mounting plate on.
Remove the mounting plate and then withdraw the charger from the car.

Steve P