Author Topic: Dutch G40 Breadvan ''Der Polow''  (Read 1575 times)

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Dutch G40 Breadvan ''Der Polow''
« on: October 07, 2012, 05:46:18 pm »
So I'm Geart, i live in the Netherlands and this is my ride:
(sorry for the bad English)

Been punished for over 5/6 years, different owners on a Dutch internet community.
Last owner destroyed the drive shaft, at least that he was thinking.. We still manage to drive it approx 100 miles till the axle broke, but that wasn't a problem since we were only 5 miles from my home  ;D

Tough, i decided that this car deserves better than just raping it till it won't be drivable anymore as I know the full history from this car, from the first owner till me.

So then i ran into a Twingo openair roof for a few quid.

Got a new shift knob for my birhtday  ;D

And had lots of adventures with the car.

It sort of creates a bond with the vehicle, never had that before with a car or any vehicle.

So i drove it as a daily for about a year and than i noticed a really cheap G40 for sale, the car drove like shit, but the engine seemed fine.
So I bought it for swapping the engine in the Breadvan.

Wasn't really a bad car.
Stabilizers on the front and back, widened steel rims, Genesis interior and a 2.5'' Powersprint exhaust. ;D
For about £400 it was a real bargain i think

So after driving it for a month or something (destroyed some Honda's and a few Porsches @ the traffic lights ghehehe  ;D) I removed the engine and the wheel arches on the rear.

Hope to have the body gone by next week so i can start parting out the Breadvan and fit the engine.

The G lader is a little bit worn over the years (last overhaul in 2006) and I never had any trust in those thing's so I'll be turboing the engine when its drivable again.

Last but not least, only picture of both cars i have  :D

Will be updating soon,

Cheers  ;D