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polo coupe 1043cc
« on: April 05, 2012, 11:32:31 pm »
hi guys. first of all i'm adam. new to the site too. i am the new owner of a polo mk3 coupe 1043cc. i've been told this is the place to come for advice and the questions i have. mainly because of what people here know what their talking about or have done conversions themselves. just wanted to ask what options i have to start my project. i.e what conversions can be achieved like the straight forward ones and the difficult ones and the not so hard ones. you all probably think im a boyracer who wants a massive engine with a huge back box on the car, well i'm not and yes i am 20. ive had 3 polo's, 6n running on cbr600 bike carbs with custom manifold and so onn , 6n2 which was bog standard and now this coupe, had an alfa romeo 145 1.6 and a 1987 bmw e30 325i convertable which was my pride and joy until i kinda fell in love with polo's haha....i work on the rail doing maintenence so i got the money to back me up with any decisions i make. so any ideas would be greatly apprechiated..cheers

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Re: polo coupe 1043cc
« Reply #1 on: April 06, 2012, 12:34:29 am »
And relax.. :D

Paragraphs do wonders ;)

This forum has a number of heads that bring a wealth of knowledge to the table. To get the best out of the "knowledge pool" you need to be clear with what you require. Such as questions you ask etc.

Im not preaching (im useless). Get a few pics up. Also what are your plans?

My opinion.. 1043cc turbo.

Engine-wise, you want boost or N/A?

Looms are fairly plug and play (as long as you stick with the factory running options). If you want a 3F injection, a PY Boosted or a mk2 loom and carbs. Get the wiring loom for the set-up and get playing! (cutting it up) :D

Is this in the right section?
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Re: polo coupe 1043cc
« Reply #2 on: April 06, 2012, 12:39:12 pm »
chers for replying and ha no relaxing for me i'm gunna be a busy man..
i'll get the pics up tonight..i can use my partners phone cuz its a lot better than mine
i want a N/A engine, purely because of work, i do loads and loads of miles..but i dont know what engine and thats what i need advice about mainly...

plans are...

obviously a new engine...
i fancy some borbet a's 8j i think wrapped in stretched tyres...
the car has got a stupid side exit exhaust from previous owner..gotta go for definet...7
get the grinder out for some rust control..rust everywhere...
wanna re-spray it that matte green colour thats on a few new high performance cars...thats a maby...
lowered on new shocks and springs or coilovers but their mega expensive unless i get a cheap set all around...
black angel eye headlights...

i think thats it at the moment...

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