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g40 road/track car
« on: October 15, 2011, 03:50:09 pm »
Make: Volkswagen
Model: Polo mk3 GT/G40 conversion
Colour: Black
Year: 1991
Engine size: 1.3 supercharged
Fuel type: petrol
Transmission: 5 speed Manual
Mileage: Just bellow 95K
MOT: 7 months
Tax: 30/11/11
Price: £2500
Description: Im selling my mk3 polo GT that has been converted to a G40.
I bought the original polo G40 (which was a white car) back in 2003 and in 2006 I took it off the road to split it as I discovered the shell had structural damage caused by the previous owner. The complete running gear was removed and dry stored for 5 years.
Over those 5 years I bought countless new parts to replace tired bits and bobs, I have a folder full of receipts to back this up.
Eventually bought a new shell to stick the g40 into. The shell was previously a polo GT shell owned by "currie" from clubpolo who had a 1.3 g40 turbo conversion in it.
He had the shell prepped to withstand the common body work flex/cracking you can suffer from higher torqued g40/turbo motors, these mods include 45degree gussets welded from track control mounts to front chassis legs and a full 6 point welded OMP roll cage.
The car has the following set up:

Weller 8 spoke 7x13 / 8x13 wheels powder coated white with modified mk1 golf plastic arches
6 point OMP welded roll cage with removable front section and connecting bars
New Full H+R cup kit suspension
Reconditioned suspension struts
New top mounts
Brembo vented/grooved front discs
Padgid front brake pads
New Rear brake shoes
New Front wheel bearings
New Rear wheel bearings
New Rear axle bushes
Reconditioned rear g40 axle with rear ARB
Braided brake pipes all round
New brake fluid
Reconditioned Track control arms with powerflex bushes
Reconditioned front ARB with powerflex bushes
New steering arms/tie rods (both sides) Think they are the proper rose jointed ones too, canny remember


1.3 G-lader supercharged with 96k miles on the clock
PSD phase 2 toothed pullies
SNS chip
g60 injectors
jetex air fliter
boost return mod
de-wedged throttle body
all smiles oil catch tank
4 branch exhaust manifold
full 63mm bastuck de-cat exhaust system
Various new sensors, washers, seals and water pipes etc
New timing belt and water pump only 500miles ago


The Car is Black (dont know the code) with a sunroof
Its got a few scratches and small dents here and there. They never bothered me personally, I just liked driving the car the way it was.
I have modded a set of mk1 golf plastic arches to cover the wider wheels, they kinda look like smaller berg cup arches.
The front bumper has been modded to allow a front mount intercooler to be fitted where the front number plate goes or in the gap bellow. I have the standard intercooler on the car so Ive got the number plate in the usual place.


Interior is stripped out in the rear with no carpets etc. The front has the carpet sections but the sound deadening has been removed from underneath etc.
The seats are from a 16v Corrado. These seats are great for the polo, they allow you to sit quite low in the car but still give you the option to raise them up if you need to. The seats are in excellent condition.
There is also a boost gauge frenched into the right hand air vent inside.
The car also has a toad alarm fitted.

As it stands, the car needs a good clean and polish and hoover out inside. The plastics are slightly faded so wee bit of back to black will sort that. I have removed the wheels to store in my garage and Ive also removed the front part of the roll cage to make it less visable to nosey passers by as the car is not being used now.

On with the pics:

The last two pics show the full roll cage in place with bar padding too. The bucket seat shown in the pics is no longer in the car and the vdo gauges have been removed as well.
The wheels look like they are rusty in the pics, this is just brake dust and dirt that has stuck to a bead of silicone I put on the wheels. They are 100% clean as I had them powdercoated before I put them on the car.

The car is located in GlasgowScotland,
if your interested in buying it could you contact me through pm please.
Thanks for looking