Author Topic: Surrey Dubs 2nd meet tuesday 14th june 2011  (Read 964 times)

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Surrey Dubs 2nd meet tuesday 14th june 2011
« on: June 08, 2011, 06:48:22 pm »
Good Evening Everyone

We are holding the SURREY DUBS meet on Tuesday 14th June 2011. The venue is the same as last time (I may have to sweet talk the security guard again ). The address is below.

Barnes Wallace Drive
KT13 0XF

Myself and JackoGTI will be arriving at the venue at approx 7.30pm, so feel free to arrive after then. As usual I have a few bits and bobs I would like you to read.

1. I will be selling Surrey Dubs stickers at the meet. They are white text and are now available as inside or outside stickers. They are £3 each.

2. If anyone is a budding photographer PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring your camera! We need some nice pics to start using as backgrounds / flyers etc.

3. Please everyone behave yourselves! Dont drive like a complete t*** when entering and exiting the Tesco car park! Dont do any burnouts, handbrake turns etc, and please keep your music low. This IS NOT a car cruise!!! It is a club meet and I expect everyone to act like grown ups! We dont want to give Tesco any reason to ask us to leave so please just bring your sensible head

Looking forward to seeing you all there! I will probably be catching a lift with JackoGTI as I dont have a running VW at the moment hehe!

PM me or one of the Mods with any questions you might have, and please feel free to advertise the meet on any other forums you might belong to.


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