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ereeiz's G40
« on: April 21, 2011, 05:50:49 pm »
Hello, thought I'd best start a thread before I end up going mental on the car and not logging what's what. I'll add some pics over the weekend as well as detailed info.

I bought the car standard on 77k miles at the beginning of March 2011.

It's a 1992 K plate Grey sunroof original G40

It's now covered 80.5k miles and has had the following modifications;

-Clear indicators
-Smoked side repeaters
-Euro Red NSR tail light, UK Red OSR tail light.
-Custom made Backbox mount to stop the exhaust jumping off rubbers and dragging on the road (happened to countless Polos I've had)
-Vauxhall Nova Alloys, they made the car feel really weird (lack of spigot rings I suspect! lol)
-Now has Pirelli P-slots
-4x 195/45/14 Uniroyal Rainsport 2 tyres
-Autogauge 2bar boost gauge

Parts waiting to go on;
-Fully ported charger
-The generic blue "G40" induction kit everyone has minus the heatshield
-65mm pulley
-Random SNS5 chip/ ECU I have from a few years back (gonna see if it runs better with this once I've fitted the above)

I plan on changing the pulley on the std charger, then the uprated charger with std pulley and finally uprated charger with 65mm pulley.

I so far have only one result (bear in mind the gauge isn't neccesarily accurate- nevertheless will be used for each change to give people an idea of boost differences);

Std Engine, std Charger, std pulley, std airbox (feed removed, outlet restriction removed); 0.7 bar @ ~6100 RPM 4th gear, flat road, approx 20C dry day.