Author Topic: Guide on fitting bonnet lifters  (Read 5972 times)

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Guide on fitting bonnet lifters
« on: October 17, 2010, 07:08:42 pm »
This is how i did it as mine came with german instructions. I take no responsibilty to anyone damaging their vehicle as this was my own way of installing the bonnet lifters.

You need:

13mm spanner or socket
10mm spanner or socket

Remove the rear 13mm bolt on the bonnet hinge

Remove the 10mm bolt from the side of the engine side wall

Fit the 10mm bolt to rear of the bonnet hinge, please note that the bolt is the same size thread just a different size head.

Fit the 10mm bolt to the engine side wall

Remember to fit washers

Do the same on the otherside and you should have 4 bolts removed

Remove retaining pins from the lifters and fit to the bonnet hinge ball bolt end, then fit retaining pin

Then take the original bonnet stay out, as its easier to move bonnet to correct position to fit. Fit the other end of the lifter and fit retaining pin.

Note, in this picture the retaing pin is not fitted correctly as the pin has not come completly through the eye of the ball bolt!

Should look like this

Do the excact same for the opposite side, i also sprayed a little ptfe grease inside the ball socket of the lifter

All thats left is to remove the existing bonnet stay.

Finally looking like this (apart from i took this picture before removing bonnet stay  :-[ )

Once there both, clear the engine of all tools and loose bolts and make sure that you can close and open the bonnet without anything fouling on the lifters and make sure that they will support the bonnet on their own.

Thats all.

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Re: Guide on fitting bonnet lifters
« Reply #1 on: October 18, 2010, 06:06:35 pm »
I'd just add that one of the lifters from the first set I bought failed after a week, with that in mind I've left the bonnet stay in place for when I'm doing any work under the bonnet, better to be safe than sorry.