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Girling 54 carriers
« on: October 04, 2010, 04:51:13 pm »
Afternoon folks, i'm hoping to pick a few peoples brains. Currently on my car, I run a set of Girling 54 256mm Audi 5 pot brakes. I've recently changed the discs and pads, when re-fitting/ bleeding, I noticed that teh drivers side caliper, more rocks than slides when pressure is applied. This has become more apparent now, as when using it, with light surface rust ( say after a wash) you can actually see that only the outer inch of the pad is moving to the disc, as the rust stay present.
I'm putting it down to worn guide pins into the carrier. I know on the old VWII calipers, it was do-able to replace the Nylon??? bushes, as i had done this before. But the places i've tried (VW and GSF) dont list replacement guides ( or know if there is any form of insert ) and can only recommend replacemnet carriers, which are complete with the guide pins, and there for big spondoolies!!!

So after my long explaination, it is a simple question of, does anybody know any brake refurbishment specialists, who maybe be able to get me the parts, or if reasonable, do the job of refurbing them? Or obviuosly if anyone has had this problem before, and resolved it, how did you go about it?

Cheers in advance everyone