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Suspension choice
« on: September 20, 2010, 10:23:14 am »
Been spending a few hours over last few days looking at different suspesion makes and what kits etc.

Looking at venom motorsport, i had intended to get kw kit 60/40, £403, Only cause they were cheaper but now i have noticed that the H&R cup kit is cheaper at £362. I have herd that the H&R kit were alot better.
On europerformance the kw is £348 and the H&R is Over £400. So really the price is similar but which one?

I have also looked at AP suspension 60/50 £234. They are alot cheaper but has anyone experienced them?

Let me know what you use as im unsure of who is good, although alot of the time its what you make of the kits.
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