Author Topic: POLO G40 Toupé......vinyl roof to cover lacquer bald patch :-)  (Read 1139 times)

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POLO G40 Toupé......vinyl roof to cover lacquer bald patch :-)
« on: September 10, 2010, 01:27:52 am »
Hello everyone.

When i bought the G40 the roof of the car was a bit sketchy.  The lacquer had gone funny and started to peel in some areas.....


Initially was just going to get someone to paint it up (which i will probably still do at some point in the future) but tonight came up with a solution which worked out better than i had expected.

With the help of heroic Dan (of DKnight/volkswagen stickers/clubpolo moderating team fame)  :lol: had the roof wrapped in matt black vinyl.  The fit isn't absolutely perfect but i think it looks awesome and sorts the problem out a peach.  So three cheers for Dan!!

Few pics for you (and yes car needs a clean)....


The fit at the very leading edge of the roof was a bit of a difficulty with the vinyl not being quite wide enough to make it work absolutely perfectly but as you can see overall it looks much better.

Wouldn't think this would look good on a light coloured mk3 polo.  Roof is an odd shape and might just look like a huge viper stripe  :-\

So a HUGE thanks to Dan.  Was a laugh putting it on anyways :-)  Oh and the pink skull and cross bones is not staying (just a random sticker i had left from my old pickup) but it marks out the spot where some CNUTS threw dry wall at the car when i was traveling around 60mph nearly put the windscreen through and dented/scratched the car.  Mint side of the car scarred up a treat  (well rear quarter has a small couple of scratches and a very very shallow indentation but still, wasn't there before)  :-(  Can't have nice things.  Sticker not staying though.

Massive THANKYOU to Dknight for the help on the roof.  Really appreciated.
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