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Etches G40-Karma
« on: September 07, 2010, 05:17:28 pm »
Thought since i've been here on a while may aswell put up my thread.

First Bought the little 1.05 Polo cl Fox on 07/12/07 the day I passed my test for £220 with 40k on the clock.

This is the first pic i have, its the white one on the right

Few standard bits and bobs later

Got bored of the 1lt so put a gt lump in

Ran this spec with my gt

Full gt engine including loom
Golf gti AFM
GT inlet manifold
g40 exhaust manifold Straight through , de cat
Shrick 268 cam
PiperX induction kit
GT ECU with 8k ship
Upswept 2.25" backbox
G40 Calipers Goodridge braided hoses
Brembo Disks
Solid metal GB mount

Broke down about 10 miles after initial run , one of the fuse plugs at the back of the fuse board fell out

The reason that Karma is involved becomes all to apparent at this stage of my ownership

One of my mates had a tash round the block and oil exploded everywhere, i decided to split and sell that engine Jun 09

After seeing a relatively cheap G40 engine on clubpolo i decided to fetch it , cost me £650 no gb

Unfortunately after being told this engine had all needed to do the complete conversion,
 browsing around Club G i realised that this info was clearly uncorrect.

Having no mounts , missing bolts, washers, boost hose no history it was an uphill battle to find everything else i needed to get her complete.

Slapped a gt gearbox on for the time being (how did i realise this wasnt great)

Realised i needed all the charger mount bolts and washers, to find out vw dont make the washers anymore,

Engine in

Took a bit of time helping a mate rebuild a 2.9 vr6 into a mk2 golf

Now Jan 2010 things started to look up

Good thing i didnt mind working till whatever time at night

Had these wheels on for a bit untill on way to big bang i melted the sidewalls with scrubbage

After trying ECP and GSF blue temp senders and rad temp senders i ended up just going to vag for the blue one and wiring in a fan switch for the twin speed fan i picked up

A tiny bit better than the Fox one.

The brand new rad temp sender didnt even work grr

The engine was running but had major issues (some from me being an arse) e.g the vacuum pipes (cheers tom)

But one actual problem was  the throttle body, the throttle on switch wasnt working so the fuel wasnt adjusting when on throttle, i either had idle fueling or full throttle fueling (clickin switches on the tb)

Managed to get hold of a 51mm throttle body to solve my issues

Was a right ball ache to fit as the thread on the main hinge was made for boost return so i needed to shave down some of the washers.

My dad then did my MOT needed a full A4 page of stuff doing plus it overheated after about 10mins on idle.

Subframe fitted in the dark

Before Big Bang

Unfortunately it never made it as it broke down about 5 mins after leaving my house! Was getting no spark , so thought it maybe the coil. Razzed down to GSF in a mates car paid £60 changed it , nothing happened. Got a lift to BB then on the way home my mate said , did you check the fuse board plugs.... DOH. Inspection later revealed that it was (again).

Got some Coupe S arches for the front and some new wings too

Changed the fuel filter as had an intermittent problem with the fuelling, would just kangaroo all the time.

Nothing happened, so tryed a number of things

Had a brand new Non genuine dizzy so replaced it with a used G40 one....

Still nothing changed

Decided it was clutch and gb time

Managed to get the GB of a chap on here, looked like this

Had to change the casing and have a look inside

Diff cog was fucked so changed it for a gt one and hoped it would be fine, has been fine since.

Refitting always takes longer

Got some poly bushes for the inner tca

Charger belts proceeded to snap :(

Got some new ones for £28 for two sets :)

Finally got it tracked up

Then proceeded to somehow catch a fuel pipe on something nearly wrote off my car on Ecclesall road. Fixed that with some new pipe.

Picked up these, Yoofs old wheels

POP... Crunch on the 3rd of August n uni exams stopped any fixing till last wednesday

Mangled inner cv

Fixed that then....... on way to Kayl0rz house got tailed gated by a bike then forced into the path of a brick,
tore the zorst off up to the cat :(

Fixed that on thursday night then realised that my ds shock had gone

Have some new arches already so bashed the ones i have on untill they were pretty much rolled.

Also just before Vw action got a momo team 280 which is a laugh and refitted the boost return pipes as i enjoy a self lubricating charger :)

my seals are on the way out though so orderd one of these from phil J

I want reliability and turbo seems a good option after seeing you lot at VW action :)

Have had a fair bit of bad luck, but still going.

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Re: Etches G40-Karma
« Reply #1 on: September 08, 2010, 04:16:36 pm »
Well done to you for keep fixing it even after all your troubles.

those BBS are they the Michael Schumacher editions ones

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Re: Etches G40-Karma
« Reply #2 on: September 08, 2010, 04:34:59 pm »
Well done to you for keep fixing it even after all your troubles.

those BBS are they the Michael Schumacher editions ones

i think they may be. but without the centre caps im not sure how to find out! they are on my car now anyway :)

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Re: Etches G40-Karma
« Reply #3 on: February 18, 2011, 07:12:30 pm »
Right since having this stolen on the 13th January I thought that would be an end to my polo obsession. Having a shite load of mk3 parts that not just clog up my only tiny storage space in the outhouse, but on my chest of drawers and under my desk and generally all over my room just made me wonder if i could get over the fact that my car was stolen and get another mk3 polo. After nosying around at mk1s and mk2 i realised that i just couldnt get a lot of car for the money available. Then tdh-syorks sent me a message on facebook about selling his G , I dissmissed the idea straight away as having to work on my gfs car (white polo) at the weekend just made me miss mine! A week passed from then and I warmed up to the idea and just took the plunge.

So now fortunately I own another G, it may not be built by my blood sweat and tears. But its an original, not without its flaws but i intend to keep up my plans for a polo! 156k miles and the engine still runs a treat, which i intend to leave stock and use my turbo bits on another engine while i daily about. Only thing is having driven a polo with a subframe on since feb last year it was ultra weird to drive one without it! Although the Gs handling is far superior to any other polo subframless mk3 I have driven its the first thing on my list to buy! Will be a PPP one this time as i needed more ground clearance! Then its some gaz coilovers like hayseys i reckon.

Its nice to have a G again i must admit, especially one as original and well kept as toms!