Author Topic: What is this section all about?  (Read 5825 times)

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What is this section all about?
« on: July 11, 2010, 07:19:30 pm »
Club G40 have come to an agreement with Polo Performance Parts to have a section on the forum in which they can advertise the parts and services they offer.

We've done this because the company offers totally unique parts specifically for Polos which no other company generally offers.  Most site admins use PPP parts and are happy that both the parts and business practises of PPP are professional and trustworthy. 

In return for this advertising PPP makes a monthly contribution to Club G40 funds which goes in to the Club's bank account and is used to finance things like Club banners, club events, website maintenance costs and also beer (for club members at shows!).

So can my business have it's own section too?  Sorry but at this time we are only offering this to PPP, we never plan to try to turn Club G40 into a money making scheme, it just earns enough money to keep itself going.