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1993 G40 from Portugal
« on: March 22, 2010, 05:00:37 am »
Hey everyone!

First of all, as I can't find an Introduction section, I am Roger, 25y old, and I live in Porto, Portugal. My previous cars were two GTs, from 1988 and 1991!

Last Friday, I went on to test-drive (finally) a G40. After a local VW dealer check up, and my tire/steering specialist having a "look" at it... all was good. VWs engineer praised it for its condition, apart from a few sensors not working. And my other trusted garage said the car was fine, not bent, crooked, or mis-shaped in any way or form. Gave it a 4 wheel alignment, wrote a check and brought it home.

Well, after leaving my 91 GT at the used car lot that is. But it was a great trade-off.

I only have a couple of photos which I took for my first visit to the used car lot, but more will soon follow!

It belonged to a middle-aged bloke, who treated him fairly right. :P

This weekend, I installed some 60/55 blue-vision lamps, the JR washable air filter I had installed in my GT, and my Recaro seat. Sound wise, I installed Alpine speakers, both from and rear, but I'm afraid the Watson blue-tooth that came with the car is a POS, as the sound is utter rubbish. ::)

Apart from the engine compartment, and the engine itself, my GT was better looked after (photos soon .. too lazy to upload now :-\)...

In a near future I hope on that I can afford to buy the Hella fog lamps, like I had on the GT, Hella side indicators and a couple of missing/broken bits more, like the bumper stripe, which I dearly miss.

Only downside aesthetic downside is that the paint has a lot of tiny chipped hole, from regular daily usage. Those awful stickers on the rear window will have to come out obviously, and the G40 badge is already been taken out for repainting.... still indecisive about whether to keep it all black, or to try and restore original grey/red combination!  

I'm also interested in purchasing a black vinyl for the rear plate compartment, and a German bee sting antenna.

On the more technical bits, i am still trying to figure out when to change the exhaust line, but on a more near future, I will surely get some new pads for the drums, and last but not least, a set of Brembos and good pads (Pagids or Ferodos) on the front.

Hope u guys like it! Having owned and taking care of a GT, I long wished for a G40... and I'm loving mine now!  8)

Problems so far:
-sun roof water drainage holes were full of all kinds of dirt. Result: swimming pool in rear feet wells  :'(
-Hankook tires seem somewhat.... bad. Checked the pressure and it was really high ... ranging from 32 to 35. Lowered it to 28/29. Will test drive it later. Hope it will fix the lack of tire grip when both accelerating and stopping, which were, concerning to say the least.

Best Regards
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Re: 1993 G40 from Portugal
« Reply #1 on: March 23, 2010, 12:29:40 am »
Meanwhile .. some fotos of my previous '91 GT!