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Dodgy PMs from spammers on the forum



it's been brought to our attention that a couple of spammers have signed up to the forum earlier this week.  The spammers did nothing but send out private messages to some forum users.  We quickly noticed this, deleted the users and took steps to stop it happening again.

The main dodgy one was trying to tell you that you had a virus on your PC and you should click a link to download some software to fix it.  This is at best a scam trying to get you to pay for something you don't need and at worst actually a virus itself which will infect your PC if you downloaded it.  DO NOT CLICK THE LINK IN THE PM!! 

Just so you are aware, it is impossible for a forum website to know if there is a virus on your PC so if you ever get anything like this from any forum you are on, it is, 100% without doubt, a scam. 

If you get sent anything via this forum that seems even slightly dodgy please use the "report" button to make the forum admins aware and we'll deal with it.

It seems this happened twice this week and since deleting the users and adding extra security to the PM system, it's not happened again so far.



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