Author Topic: How to put pictures in posts on the forum  (Read 24377 times)

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How to put pictures in posts on the forum
« on: January 22, 2009, 11:41:17 am »
When starting a new topic or replying to a topic you can attach pictures to the post.  The limits are:

- 10 attachments per post
- 1024KB per post
- 128KB per attachment/picture
- file type must be one of: ".doc", ".gif", ".jpg", ".mpg", ".pdf", ".png", ".txt" or ".zip".

Use photoshop, MS paint, The Gimp, irfanview or whatever to resize images if the filesize is too large.

To attach pictures to the post:

- while typing out the post or reply, click on the "Additional Options..." link just below the white box you type into.
- there is an "attach" box where you can select files on your computer to upload.
- click on the "browse" button and select the file on your computer you want to attach.
- if you want to attach more pictures then click on the "more attachments" link and more boxes will appear (up to ten).

If you want to put more pictures than that in a post or post very large filesize pictures you will have to host them somewhere else yourself such as "photobucket".