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Save Curborough Sprint Circuit
« on: April 22, 2008, 03:19:00 pm »
Today I've read about a plan to bulldoze over Curborough Sprint Circuit and build 5000 houses on top of it and the surrounding green belt area.

It's a cracking little circuit I've been to a couple of times on Club GTI track days (albeit not for a couple of years now) and would be gutted to see it go, especially for such a crap reason.  

So, show your opposition to the planning permission and perhaps it'll save yet another little piece of UK motorsport heritage from being quietly swept away.  Way, way more destructive than the circuit could ever be.

Not to mention that but it's also a rather nice area with lots of surrounding green land which no doubt is home to lots of wildlife, which is going to get tarmac'd over.

Oppose the plans here:

(then click on "comment on this planning application")

Curborough website:

Pistonheads where I originally read about this:
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