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Gearbox squeaking
« on: April 16, 2008, 01:38:19 am »
My temporary 8P box is making some funny noises.

I got to the Ring, around it, and back to Dunkirk without any issues other than a lack of willingness to go into gear sometimes on the trip back.

Then while driving onto the ferry I noticed a loud squeaking noise from the front left hand side of the car.

It only makes the noise when it's in gear and rolling, the clutch doesn't have to be engaged. I rolled it down a ramp in gear, but with the clutch pedal depressed, and it made the same noise as with the clutch pedal up. But knock it out of gear and it stops.

Even while making the noise it drives fine, there aren't any other symptoms.

The other thing is, it's quite intermittent. I drove the remaining 170 miles from Dover to Stamford, including stopping at a services, with no noises at all and slick gearchanges.

Now I know my thrust bearing isn't well, it rattles a bit from time to time, is this related?

Or is my gearbox kaput?