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G40 VAN For Sale
« on: November 27, 2018, 07:27:54 am »
I thought this would be the best place to start posting my advert.
I have for sale my VW Polo mk2; it was registered on the 18th of September 1990 making it an H reg and one of the last to be produced.  It is officially a van which would probably make it quite rare.

I bought it nearly 20 years ago, it started off just as a 1 litre, because I preferred the MK2 shape and wanted it faster. I had a G40 engine transplant in the early 2000’s by Radikool VW in Lymington, Hampshire before they closed. They supplied the engine and all the bits to convert it. Also I had the engine bay completely cleaned and resprayed in alpine white to accept the new lump.

I have the V5, it is in my name and the car is sorn.  There is no MOT and it is a non-runner.
Because it has been off the road for a good number of years, I cannot guarantee anything works. My last drive was to the body shop to the bodywork done.  A year earlier I had an accident when someone drove into me and they damage the passenger wing and door. I replaced these in the same colour and drove it. My friends kept telling me to get all the body work done as the rest was a bit tatty, therefore I did, but before I could get the car painted the body shop closed and it is still in primer. I never got round to finish it. Now I am losing my parking space, therefore regretfully have to sell. I would like to let some else to take her on and finish her. I have spent a lot of money on her over the years and it would be a shame to scrap. I don’t know of another Mk2 G40 Van?

I have a print out from a G40 Rolling Road Day in Birmingham which achieved 139 BHP.
Unfortunately some vandals smashed the windscreen and driver’s window. Also some other items were stolen e.g. like the lights, extra fog lights, mirrors, intercooler, wipers and centre console with extra dials etc. G40 Clocks are missing & the Jabber Sport air filter.
I have a spare windscreen.
Bodywork includes flush boot and flush doors with no handles as only in primer and needs painting in VW Alpine White.
Battery tray repaired due to leaking battery.
Front and rear arches are modified to allow for wider wheels and suspension lowering.
The clocks had less than 80,000 miles which came with the G40 engine
Supercharger rebuilt by Jabber Sport near Peterborough to R1 spec.  Chip & 68mm Pulley fitted & tested by them.
Stainless exhaust fitted by Power Flow fitted at Top Gear St Albans, with a supposedly Lifetime Guarantee.

MK3 Polo brake servo, as Mk2 Polo’s RHD did not come with this.
MK2 Golf rear disc conversion.
Single wiper conversion.
Tinted front windows.
Jamex lowering 40mm springs and genuine shorter Koni shocks.
VW Scala wheels, like Polo Mk2 Sprint, with four 195x45x14 Drago Pirelli P5000 tyres.
Chrome gear knob and stick.
Later steering rack to accept G40 Steering wheel.
Mk3 Polo dash.
Boost gauge and additional rev counter with shift light.
MFA stalk from VW MK3 Passat.
Corbeau sports seats with recliners and adjustable sub frames fitted by Corbeau in St Leonards on Sea.
Luke red harnesses.
New black bumpers front and rear with chrome strips and also the original ones.
Electric windows from VW Passat Mk2.
Toad Alarm & immobiliser with Central Locking.
Ring Air horns.
Safety Devices full black roll cage not bolted down or welded.

Cherished number plate: H9 OLO = A Polo

It is kept under a cover and has been stored in dry environment since coming back from the bodyshop.
Car will need to be trailed, also would need to be winched or towed as parked in an underground car park.

Any inspection is welcome... Sorry but I’m not after anything apart from a cash sale, thanks
Open to any sensible offers?

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Re: G40 VAN For Sale
« Reply #1 on: December 23, 2018, 09:42:36 am »
Sorry, now sold.