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Lock please
« on: October 08, 2017, 05:18:49 pm »
Hi guys. Seeing if I get interest.
.PPP Stage 3 subframe covered 1800 miles since new. Has been powder coated black. £450
.PPP adjustable TCA’s covered 500miles since new. £200 also made spacers for the rose joints so it sits central in the mount.
Gaz coilovers. Adjustable height and dampening, 275/7 front spring 160/10 rear springs. 1800 miles since new. New FAG wheel bearings and Febi drive flanges used. £800 also comes with proper waterproof spring covers to keep them clean. (£860 with max rpm top mounts)
Maxrpm camber/caster top mounts. 1800 miles since new £85 (I won’t be selling these until coilovers have sold)
If you have seen my build you will know what kind of condition everything is in. I’m in no rush to sell anything just seeing if I get interest. Thanks 🙂
If you want picture please message me and I’ll email some over.
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