Author Topic: Fitting Sound deadening  (Read 1289 times)

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Fitting Sound deadening
« on: October 21, 2015, 10:18:03 am »
In a somewhat controversial move to most I expect, I am actually looking to ADD sound deadening to my Polo.
I've been looking at all sorts of stuff. I've ignored Dynamat and other usual expensive items and concentrated on searching for the same thing but unbranded basically.

I've come up with a few things;
1. Flash banding / Flashing repair tape (you may see references to it online by various brand names such as useal)
Basically bitumen backed aluminium finish and a few mm thick. Unsure of actual thickness or weight.

2. Closed cell adhesive backed foam. Lightweight (typically ~0.6kg/m2)

3. Some other kind of foam, think this is absorbent, so a waste of time as it'll be shit, wick moisture and rot.

4. Silent Coat. I kept ending up on Silent coat from all sorts of searches. Seems a good compromise of malleability / price / weight. So it should form around everything odd shaped (with the use of a roller from painting). Pretty much made up my mind on this but interested to hear others thoughts, if any? This is the particular auction; I reckon that should be enough to do a Polo (no idea how much I'll need). I'd rather have a consistent covering over everything, than the odd denser sheet stuck on here and there as I've had that on past cars (from prvious owners / factory) and could clearly see difference in paint colour on cold days, etc (where the panel absorbs heat fromthe car, but the insulated part doesn't. Looks weird and although maybe insignificant, stuff like that annoys me, haha.

5. There was another fabric kind of stuff but I've looked at so many on ebay I've forgotten what's what. It was white and looked like the absorbent pads you get for oil spills (obvously nothing like it, but to look at it reminded me of that stuff).

What are your thoughts? Ever done it? Anyone know the surface area of the inside of a Polo? Things to do and not do? I'll be doing everything, roof, panels, floor, maybe even get some new firewall stuff for the engine bay too. Overkill? Pointless? Why? Had a lot of VW's in the past that had ruined bulkheads from head, fine to look at but bend when pushed by a finger.

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Re: Fitting Sound deadening
« Reply #1 on: October 22, 2015, 07:29:19 pm »
I've used this from top behind dash throughout the floor, rear 1/4's and inside the doors.

Probably small game compared to your plan, stuff i got weighed practically nothing and it's not like my cars going on a track any time soon so i wasn't bothered anyway.

I noticed a vast improvement from it, car felt alot less tinny if that makes sense, carpet felt fuller lol. Probably too thick for your needs though?

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Re: Fitting Sound deadening
« Reply #2 on: October 22, 2015, 08:55:10 pm »
I don't think your post is controversial at all - a lot friends do find the G40 a noisy shell at best. All VW's of that era would benefit I think, and polo's being the lowest model the most.
One thing I did notice, is when I pumped my sills full of Dynax S50 (waxoyl) it was quieter when driving at speed, and in rainy/wet roads, not massive, but it was noticeable.

So don't underestimate the benefits of doing under your car or in sills/closed sections with waxoyl!