Author Topic: Recommended Injectors for our chips  (Read 4320 times)

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Recommended Injectors for our chips
« on: June 21, 2015, 01:56:54 pm »
If you're ordering one of our chips for larger injectors, these are the injectors which we recommend. If you're using something different, please advise before ordering.

Bosch part number 0280150905.
Also referred to as G60 'greens'.

Bosch part number 0280150785.
Normally found on Volvo 850 T5s etc.
Orange in colour.

Not all injectors are interchangeable, even if they're the same 'EV1' Bosch type. This is because the pintle arrangements can differ dependent on application, giving rise to different spray patterns to what Digifant and the inlet manifold/head ports are designed for.