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Custom loom
« on: February 06, 2015, 01:49:38 pm »
I've finally got a black coupe shell, only been looking on/off for 3 years! It's Xrich's one he bought to bung all his G40 stuff in but change of situation meant it came up for sale, so I've bought it! :D

I'm now thinking forwards, I never plan on selling this one, I've missed my first black one since I sold it in about 2006 (one of the only cars I've regretted selling and I've had way >50 of them, about 40 of which have been VW) so determined to make this a good quality car that will last.

First off, the 20 something year old original looms (engine bay loom certainly) that are around don't really seem like a great idea to fit to a car I want to make last. Does anyone make G40 looms? I've got a lot of ideas on additional bits to add and better ways to route things, might just make my own up, in fact I probably will if anyone's created a guide I could adapt?