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Re: Car Jack
« on: September 10, 2014, 10:37:00 pm »
When I first looked at two post some years ago, the cheapest was about 3k.
I thought! I'll just look on fleebay.
First one that came up was this Automotech 3.5T £900 plus the dreaded = £1080
They wanted £150 to deliver but a mate with a large transit offered so we went down and picked it up.
They forklifted the hole lift in its transporting cradle straight in the back. £40 in Diesel and gave mate £40
Was a bugger to lift out the transit. Far better when we realized that the heavy motor pack box didn't contain
the arms and realized that they were in the column's lol.
It came with everything to install it, even proper shims. Though they were in the motor pack so could have easily been missed.
No mention in the manual of them whatsoever other than maximum thickness on any one side.
I chose it on the grounds that it almost looks like I welded it.
Mate has a BLG Red one from ebay and the top pulley wheel bracket started to come away from the top plate of the column
and looks like someone gave Jo blogs the Mig torch and said weld that up.
I just had to install and buy 10Ltr of hydraulic oil.
Works really well. Chuffed!