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A few pics of my Mk2 G40

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Couldn't resist taking a few pics today (+ one old one):

What spec is the engine?

You got a fancy horn too?

Glad to see it still going about.

Cool car dude, I have just been putting my mk2 back together
cant believe how much less space a mk2 has over a 2f

what rad setup are you using and what intercooler are you using
if you dont mind me asking? 

Thanks for the comments  :) The OEM horn was a bit weedy, so I got the air horn to beef it up a bit  ;D

The intercooler was a find in a mates garage - he thinks it came from a Nissan 200SX or 300ZX.

The engine spec (from memory) is:

PSD full blend charger
PSD toothed belts
Big intercooler
De-wedged throttle body
Boost return removed
GT inlet manifold
G60 injectors
Big valve head
Piper cam
1341cc with forged pistons
PPP cat-back exhaust
PSD chip
Mocal oil cooler
PSD oil catch tank

To come:
Shorter intercooler (so I can remove the front splitter)
Custom re-map

I think that's it  ;D


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