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Heater blower power
« on: January 12, 2014, 05:18:18 pm »
Hi, have just re-built the G and one of the 'minor' problems we have (4 blinking hours and counting( is the heater blower is not working. If we hot wire it from the battery the fan motor works, if we hot wire to the resistor bar each level works, if we check voltage across fuse 14 (supposed to be the fan switch we get 12.7 (same as the battery),  if we voltage check the black and red wire coming from the lower batch (next to the fuses), that we think is the the fan switch live wire we we get 0.7, if we check the black and red into the fan switch we get 0.5 ish.

Other things we have done:
taken out the top relay (attached to the ecu box) which in the wiring diagram is associated to the fan switch. We checked its power in and out, both 12.7 but it is upstream on the fuse 14 so should show same as it.
Attempted to reattach the rear wiper, also on fuse 14 but this does not work either, now detached to exclude it from the attempts to get the fan working.
Wiring diagram also says 'light switch light' is on fuse 14, not sure what this is, we have all the lights including high beam light but no low beam light, can't remember if it had one but think it did and it was green !? The light in the actual light switch works and adjuster below adjusts dash lights.

Seems like the two voltage checks producing 0.7/0.5 point to something but just a couple of simple Mechanics here not Electrickery Mages so any thoughts, pointers, things to check, mystical interpretations much appreciated.