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Oil Cooler Kit
« on: November 04, 2013, 02:37:45 pm »
Finally got things sorted out with this, taken longer than I would of liked!

We all know how hot our G60's & G40's run and this is one of my first recommended modifications I advise people, on stock engines or lightly tuned it's the place to start personally.

Kit consists of the cooler, we have either 10 Row or 13 Row, 4x push fittings, 1 metre oil hose, universal fitting kit & Mocal thermostatic plate.

For the G60's we've also got available the factory oil/water cooler deletion coolant pipes, this is something else we recommend, it prevents any chances of oil and water mixing and stops the oil being warmed by the coolant temp, it brings both down and helps massively on tuned engines and in the summer months, this keeps engine health up and prolongs the life of the bearings in the supercharger.
People also find if the oil/water cooler is kept the factory oil filter can catch on the cross member, one solution people have done is using a shorter oil filter but this isn't a great idea as it reduces oil flow on start up

To go with both the above is the shorter thread for the oil filter as the one with the oil cooler is too long for just the sandwich plate