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Title: Only Polo G40 in Australia, please help! PSD 1341cc, Jabba R1, etc.
Post by: Down_under_23 on August 29, 2020, 01:19:24 pm
I am proud new owner of the only G40 in Australia. The car was or is in need of a lot of TLC, heaps of seized bolts , lots of leaks so i decided to pull the engine to do oilpan, gaskets, crankshaft seals, new clutch etc etc.

. I am just putting a new timing belt in and wondering why the timing is off. It was running ok, but couldnt really test, as after purchased the clutch slips as soon as it builds up torque. The previous owner obviously didnt feel it. It had heaps of grunt for sure.

As on picture. Should i time it the same, on top of the O, or line the original marks up as supposed. The block suppose to be a 1341 Pitstop development with Jabba R1 GLader and chip. Could that be a reason for the different marks?

Help would be highly appreciated