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Title: Stupid question time but really need help!
Post by: Weeman on August 21, 2017, 03:01:35 pm
Swapped my engine into a couple of shells already but they have always been NZ or GTs so had less wiring to change over...

Now my engine has been out the car for a few months, ive been to many shows, worked loads and drunk alot... so need some help and its an easy one!

Doing my G40 conversion into a 1litre Cl body, I have changed the looms over that I need doing, however I can for the life of me remember where this plugs into or if it is needed?
It is the 3 pin connector that breaks out next to the coil plug. Item 23 below   :o

Also i have a two way plug with a brown and brown/white wires in, by the throttle/inlet and i cant think where this needs to go either :(

Any help really appreciated as i need the car running by friday for a local show.