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Title: new g40 owner (kind of)
Post by: mat_1 on April 26, 2017, 11:55:36 am
Hello, My names Mat, I have been a member on clubpolo since 2002 back when it was but thought this would be the best place to register as I now have a g40 (kind of) have not been in the polo scene for probably 13 years back when all we cared about were clear rear lights and oz wheels, my first car was a 6n had a few of those a mk3 GT and finally a polo 6n2 gti but then the polo journey finished and I have been exploring other marques ever since.

now in my 30s im at the stage where I can have some sort of project on the side and always loved the g40s so have been tentatively keeping an eye out for one over the last few years.

Basically I have bought a cat B car, The car is mine and payed for but I will not own the shell the facility will keep it and I only have access to it for a day to remove everything I need... also apologies to anybody else that may have seen and been trying to buy this car :-)

I have included some pictures of the car below, im fairly competent on the spanners and seek to reshell the parts into a straight car (if anybody has or knows of a g40 shell for sale let me know) I understand any shell will do but im in no rush and I think id rather reshell an actual g40.

the plan is to strip everything off I need and repair or refurbish as required whilst off and reshell to make a standard g40 . your help will be much appreciated because basically if theres anything I don't need from the donor it may save some shouting and swearing with the limited time I have trying to get something off.

engine and charger complete will be dropped with subframe gearbox and suspension
rear subframe complete
seats and darker carpet
lights and salvageable panels
steering wheel

anything else rare/g40 I need to grab ?

any pitfalls or special tools ? commonly rounded nuts/parts that tend to break on removal?
fuel tank?
steering rack?
anything special about the dash or clocks ?

im not too farmiliar with charged cars so this will be a learning curve, the engine to me looks unmodified infact the whole car looks very standard so possibly an unknown car? any one know it ? any history ? don't know the reg yet, it does say it has an oil leak in the very limited description but hopefully nothing too serious maybe just a pipe come off.

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kind regards
Title: Re: new g40 owner (kind of)
Post by: mat_1 on April 26, 2017, 12:02:30 pm
actually having ran the reg and looking at the register on here I can see it was once linked to a forum member so will send a pm

#edit looks like he was trying to sell it in 2009 so probably not his for a while
Title: Re: new g40 owner (kind of)
Post by: SamG40 on April 26, 2017, 12:24:03 pm
Get the grommet from the wing for the aerial.  ;)

I'd be a bit concerned about the charger if it had a whack there. Best taking it apart before trying to run it.
Title: Re: new g40 owner (kind of)
Post by: Jester on April 26, 2017, 12:49:50 pm
Take the arch trims.. even that bent one haha.
Title: Re: new g40 owner (kind of)
Post by: mat_1 on April 26, 2017, 01:18:26 pm
Yep arch trims + bent one will be on the list, will take both wings and doors anyway so that will include the grommet :-)

And yes the proximity to the chrager is a concern so fingers will be crossed, wheres the stnadars interxooler on these? Right where it was shunted i bet  :'(
Title: Re: new g40 owner (kind of)
Post by: GR40 on April 26, 2017, 01:27:48 pm
Yes the intercooler is below and in front of the charger but it's hold in place with just 2 screws on a plastic brace so I doubt in a crash like this it would get destroyed most likely it would break the little plastic bracket holding it in place!
Title: Re: new g40 owner (kind of)
Post by: Jester on April 26, 2017, 03:05:51 pm
Kinda looks like the light cluster took the brunt of the damage and as intercooler is lower down right at bottom of the bumper it might ok.

why does it have 2 15" ra's on the back but the 13's on the front >.>
Title: Re: new g40 owner (kind of)
Post by: ereeiz on April 26, 2017, 03:26:43 pm
1. Steering damper, bolts onto rack. G40/GT specific.
2. Clocks, G40 specific
3. Lower arms on front have a rose joint on the chassis end, G40 specific
4. Engine bay loom (worth getting the lot, including the annoying to remove fuse box and connections that pass through the bulkhead). Engine bay loom is G40 specific.
5. Lambda, G40 specific
6. Rear beam has ARB in it, GT/G40 specific
7. G40 badge (grille, rear hatch) "supercharged" badge (rear hatch if fitted), G40 specific.
8. Engine mounts, certainly charger mount is G40 specific, unsure on other two. Worth getting though.
9. 5th gear linkage, not G40 specific, but if you end up with a 4spd shell you'll need this bit to convert to 5spd.
10. Steering wheel, usually something special, have it away with you!

To be honest, I reckon you could strip it to a bare shell if you go for it, definitely take a couple of cans of release spray (also a can of freeze spray for super tough rusted bits, makes the rust disintegrate rather than soaking in and turning it to mush like release spray). I've done a few myself previously, I shake my head at some of the decent shells I've cut up previously :( "That's the way she goes" though. (

Don't worry baout pulling everything apart, just pull the major bits off then work onto the smaller bits, you can spend ages trying unstick things, spray them with lube and come back to it after you've done the rest.
Title: Re: new g40 owner (kind of)
Post by: mat_1 on April 26, 2017, 03:43:38 pm
thats a great post ereeiz thank you, im pretty good at stripping cars myself problem being im recovering from having had spine surgery in September and on strict instructions not to bend lift or twist so personally i will be sticking to small trim pieces and very easy stuff then taking a van up and employing the help of some one i know to do the heavy stuff for beer money, hence the questions to give us a head start! , otherwise id probably just go at it myself like a man possessed :-(

depending how it goes im hoping we can get to the point where the whole car is stripped to the bone, but if we find ourselves running out of time and struggling its knowing what to prioritize which will be key as we only have 1 day office hours but im starting to get a good idea now :-)

why i have chosen now would be a good time to take this on as a project i dont know but its not something you see everyday in a salvage auction is it.

with regards to the bbs being different sizes, thats a good spot i had not noticed. look good in 15" though dont they...
Title: Re: new g40 owner (kind of)
Post by: Rich_Royal on April 26, 2017, 06:01:50 pm
-They don't have a subframe so you are going to need to lift the engine out. Hopefully you are allowed to cut the shell up because the slam panel isn't removable and it looks like it's going to be in the way with how bent it take an angle grinder with you and something to plug it into.

-Try and take the rubbers off the rain gutters on the roof if possible, chances are they will split but do your best, even if you don't re-use them you should be able to sell them on.

-The rubber strips that run down the inside of the A-pillars + the little caps that hold them on. They are tough to find second hand.

-Its hard to tell from the pictures but if it has green tint glass try and take the lot, the rear screen is bonded in so you won't be able to get that but the rest can be sold on if it's green tint and in good condition. If it's not tinted don't bother with it.

-The clocks are 160mph ones, if you end up with a GT shell or lower you won't get them with it. I would take them anyway as the milage matches the engine.

-Basically if it's removable, take it, you can always sell the bits you don't use.

Good Luck!
Title: Re: new g40 owner (kind of)
Post by: SamG40 on April 26, 2017, 09:52:30 pm
In the same vain as Rich has said if you don't get the tailgate get the black badge from it. They are G specific as they are the silver coloured ones on other models. Same for the front too. It doesnt look like tinted glass in the tailgate but if it is and you can get it and want to sell it on I'd be interested depending on where you are?
Title: Re: new g40 owner (kind of)
Post by: randombadger69 on April 26, 2017, 10:45:29 pm
Steering arms have the inner rose joints; worth getting if you can along with the brackets and steering damper.

Take the complete exhaust as they are 44.45mm, rather than 38mm. Also the fuel tank with pump in. If you cba/dont have time and there is a key with the filler cap, then at least take that.

plastic scuttle trays are like gold dust. If it's in a usable state take it with the bonnet seal.

Plastic ductwork to airbox if it's there as they're always missing. Plastic bit that clips behind the grill if you're not keeping the grill.

If your not taking the complete internal wiring harness at least unplug the section for the cig lighter and radio etc as poverty spec. harness does not have the cig. lighter plug.

Take the complete inline fuel pump assembly with plug hanging under the car and if you get time take all fuel lines as they are handy fuckers. the plastic clips for them can be bought from classic parts.

Don't cut the speedo cable!! Take a 22mm spanner or accommodating shifter.

The drivers side anti roll bar mount is notched on a G40 for belt clearance. It's something that can be done with a grinder though on a non-g40. Depends how anal you're being with a conversion.

Also the rear brake load compensator. Plastic hook which holds the main hand brake cable if its there. All hand brake cable brackets and rubbers with the beam ideally. undo it at the handbrake and take the lot. Keep the adjuster nut inside the car too as it's an odd one.

Personally i'd leave the wings until last as they're stuck on to fuck and readily available. Definitely drill the rivets and take the n/s arch trim though.. they fetch big fan-boy money!

Boot carpet is luxury on G's.

Don't break the plastic cowling around the steering wheel! Three screws.. get those too.

Also if you're concerned about sounding butch on the road; get the horn as they're a more manly note on the G!  ;D
Title: Re: new g40 owner (kind of)
Post by: pettsy on April 26, 2017, 10:47:40 pm
Get a decent 1/2" impact gun and you could easily have that stripped to a bare shell in a day, it's not like you have to worry about damage to the shell when jacking up etc.
Title: Re: new g40 owner (kind of)
Post by: mat_1 on April 26, 2017, 11:08:48 pm
Thanks to everyone that has contributed, some fantastic advice and im going to put it all together into a list.

The facility removes the engine and box as part of the fee and to comply with end of vehicle life/waste regs etc , i asked how sympathetically and the guy said i should get things i want to keep intact off first, he said it will take his lad 30 mins and it will all be dropped out from below with suspension and subframe.... guessing it involves a stihl saw and a forklift.

Knowing what i know now i think we will probably end up removing most of it prior outselves, especially things like wiring loom and suspension and ancillaries including exhaust.
Title: Re: new g40 owner (kind of)
Post by: Ian Johnson on April 27, 2017, 05:52:19 am
As previously stated remove as much as you can, fairly recent wanted posts have been for rear seat belts, driveshaft s lol (me) rear seats, parcel shelf, badges, exhaust etc.......Just check the wanted section 😁
Title: Re: new g40 owner (kind of)
Post by: mat_1 on April 29, 2017, 06:42:45 pm
If anybody is free next thursday and fancies helping me take this thing apart for say £100 cash for a days work let me know as struggling to find someone that is off work

Im in shropshire gonna be leaving about 6am to get to yorkshire where the car is for 8-9ish

Obviously you would need to be reasonably comfortable with pulling a car apart and able to use a spanner/hammer in anger.

Normally would do it all myself but recovering from spine surgery last year so need help with things like suspension, exhaust oily bits and im gonna concentrate on trim and interior and would need someone to helo me throw it all on the trailer. Engine and box will be done by the company . Let me know if that appeals to anyone if not no worries i will get it sorted.

Just thought id put it out there if someone is off and wants to earn some beer money, can either meet me at yorkshire or can pick up anywhere on route there from shropshire.
Title: Re: new g40 owner (kind of)
Post by: physicsfool on April 29, 2017, 07:00:36 pm
Where abouts is the wreckers? I am based in York. Have taken my fair share of polos apart.
Title: Re: new g40 owner (kind of)
Post by: mat_1 on April 29, 2017, 07:42:29 pm
Well that worked well, looks like its me and physicsfool vs polo
Title: Re: new g40 owner (kind of)
Post by: ereeiz on May 01, 2017, 10:51:55 am
That's what I like about this forum, no shit or arguments, just genuine enthusiasts helping each other out!
I would offer but I'm about 200 miles away and working
Title: Re: new g40 owner (kind of)
Post by: mat_1 on May 01, 2017, 06:43:26 pm
Haha no problem fella, it was kind of you to put that advice together and physicsfool sounds like the perfect guy for the job being just around the corner from where the car is and free thurs.
Going well equipped will have a 4x4 with a generator in the boot to power a selection of different sized grinders and a 100l compressor with a selection of air tools then a trailer to throw all the parts on so if it all goes to plan we should make mincemeat of it :-)

Will keep this thread updated as a build thread once i find a suitable shell. Think im gonna stick to white as i like them in white anyway but probably wont be able to find a g40 shell so the search really will be for any solid white coupe shell i guess.

If a g40 shell did come knocking though i wouldnt be fussy on the colour.
Title: Re: new g40 owner (kind of)
Post by: mat_1 on May 04, 2017, 09:28:01 pm
RIP G40.

Heres a few pics for anyone thats interested.

5am start from shropshire started work after the company finally decontaminated it at about half 9 and down to a fully stripped bare bones shell by 3:30.... home by 8, although admittedly it would have taken me a good few days without physicsfool who did the bulk of it including all the oily stuff and engine out and was fantastic.

Having loaded pretty much every tool i own including a compressor and generator (we werent even allowed to use these due to health and safeties!) into an overloaded CRV the polo was actaully very willing to be stripped using pretty much just a socket set.

Interior in amazing condition and everything else pretty much as expected, s/c and block look ok gearbox mount took a whack but everything can be refurbished/replaced as needed, just need to find a suitable shell now so will update when there's something worth updating.

Anyway thanks for reading i now have a complete g40 spread out over my car and trailer ready to be reassembled/reshelled  which is great. Reg was k47vnd (scrapped now cat b) incase any registers need updating

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Title: Re: new g40 owner (kind of)
Post by: mat_1 on June 20, 2017, 06:09:43 pm
Regrettably for a number of reasons this is going to be one of those projects that never got going.

Going to bundle all of the parts together and list them on ebay as a job lot, i have literally everything needed to build a g40 from that white one if you have a shell and will be listing them on ebay probably tomorrow.

Thanks once again for everybodys help and advice that contributed.

Kind regards
Title: Re: new g40 owner (kind of)
Post by: mat_1 on June 20, 2017, 08:31:42 pm
eBay item number 112450139439