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Title: 100GB Free data for 2 months on ee PAYG sim
Post by: ereeiz on November 18, 2015, 03:35:35 pm
I don't work for ee in case you're wondering! Haha.

Yes it's 4g.
Yes, you can use it all for tethering / hotspot.

That link takes you to ee's website where they're doing a Christmas offer;
1. Order a free sim
2. When it arrives, put it in, switch the phone on.
3. Turn your data off
4. Top up with £10 (ok, so you need to stick a tenner's worth of credit on but you also get to spend the credit on calls/texts or call/text/data packs).
5. Text CHRISTMAS to 150.
6. You'll receive a text back normally within a few mins (think it can be 24 hrs) confirming it's activated 100GB data for free for 30 days. The next 100GB becomes available on day 31. You do NOT need to top up a 2nd time to get your 2nd month free data (I didn't have to on the ones I had last Christmas / Easter anyway).
7. If you want to get a call/text/data pack then do it now, before switching data on, if you don't then it may gobble a bit of credit before your free data arrives, making an annoying £9.97 balance or something silly, making you a few pence short of a £10 pack -min. top-up is £5 I think?).
8. Once you're happy your packs are sorted (or if you're just not bothered about the packs) turn data back on.
9. Finished.

I generally bung it in an old phone and use it as a wifi hotspot at home. My sky Broadband is terrible and fibre isn't available so this is a great temporary solution for me, even though I also can't get 4G , the 3G connection is still more than adequate. Allows XB1 gaming, downloads , video streaming, its great watching youtube vids in 1080 as opposed to the usual 360 at best!
Title: Re: 100GB Free data for 2 months on ee PAYG sim
Post by: ereeiz on November 20, 2015, 02:22:38 pm
Received my sim today, you have to get a £10 pack and use up the alloted 1GB you are given before it eats into the 100GB. Makes no difference to you though, youd struggle to use 101GB even if you tried!