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Hi, Here is my Royal Blue G40 J599 CWB

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Hi, I'm new to ClubG40, here is my G40, bought of bengim in early June 2012.
The car was also owned by a certain Craig Wallet (superchargedpolo).
(last car on page)

All I've done is fit the Montreals (were on previous mk2 polo), and a lower front strut brace (some people call GED bar), these two reduced vagueness when steering on long bends, and helped to tighten front of car up. Still hoping to get some GLader ARB blocks.

Here is my previous polo

Here is the G

Welcome along! Car looks stunning :)

Deffinately sure it's windsor blue? if so join the club altho mines nowhere near as good a condition as yours.

I'm not 100% what colour it is to be honest, actually has a slight green pearl when close up.

Really nice G40, lovely color.. what are your plans for it?

Whys there a hole in the dash  ???

Not sure about hole in dash, there is a neat blanking plate for it that fell of when photo was taken. If you look to far right of that row of buttons there is another blanking plate...

Plans wise: First to discover what the oil leak is and fix it (goes from max to min, every 1000-1500miles).
Gear stick is very sloppy, hoping to fit a bush to sort it out.

Otherwise, look after it for moment, previous owners have added stainless exhaust, induction kit and stage 4 charger.
I may add some wider tyres when these wear out, maybe better brakes, maybe better dampers but keep original springs. I have a GT inlet I could swap in.


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