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Re: Project Alison
« Reply #15 on: May 19, 2012, 05:14:43 am »
So Friday morning got to the unit at 10:58. Coincidently the same time as Jim arrived!

He soon got stuck into the Kerb side of his Mk1 Rocco after sorting his rust issues on the O/S..



Boy got skills!

I started with a sweep up and got the plant out. Tom had sorted me some Argon, so happy days. No excuses!

Whilst taliking to Martyn, who had arrived ready for some works on his Mk1 Golf, I thought.. I wonder what the engine code was out of Princess (Bakers MK1 polo), which is looking criminal atm!..

There's a polo under there somewhere!

Iv been looking for my mk1 golf top fill rad for weeks now. Said I'd measure it for Polomon, this seems to have been the problem..

So had a look.

What do you know! It's an HA code. 8.0:1 comp. ratio. Hmm.

Bakers VR6 conversion pile was growing..

So while I got on the Knotwheel for some final weld-prep Martyn made use of the TIG plant. Getting his drivers side engine mount welded in. Someone had previously removed the small block bracket. Which he needed!

Jim got involved..


While Martyn made use of the plant I had another go at the battery tray area and left over remnants of scuttle panel.

More gnawsing..

Got bored of the Gnawsage and made a bit of a mess of things. Having had a bash with the knotwheel and blowtorch I thought i'd get on the welding for a change of jobs, as Martyn was done with the Plant.

Tried a 1.6mm Tungsten as Jim had some.. this went a lot better. 40 amps, lay the wire in and weave over it. Had mixed success. again all down to getting rid of that underseal!

on the bad practise torch holding!

After much grinding of the tungsten I had got as far as welding the tops of the turrets and a couple of stitches on the bottom. At this point I needed a blow torch to get rid of the underseal. We had run out of gas for it! So that put a halt to the welding.

Jim was generally balls=deep

Martyn had paint on!

By which time Chaz had arrived with some welcome cold liquid refreshments!

Martyn had some lawn-mower inspired green from his old mk2 golf that he never used, so got some of that on..

The rado got more pillaged


I'd been giving this a further scrub..

I took the steed to see how chaz was getting on with his mk3, which I agreed to do some work on..

James had a run!

Chaz in typical van-driver pose

Whats messerschmidt Hans up to?

Baker was doing prep..

Martyn was busy smashing his Golf together with a motorsport fucntional no frills approach.. i'll follow his lead I think..

Lawn mower green was looking good from here..

Martyn found a bonnet.. i cant even recall where this came from!!

I ripped out more redundant stuff!

After a bit more gnawsing of the O/S rear seat mounting points I was pretty much done for the night.

Baker had created a massive pile of parts for the powdercoaters in the morning. Can take my uprated driveshaft for the other one.. thanks Karl!  :-D

Left the unit at 1:20am. It's now 5:00am.. Shut eye time, then more tomorrow! :-D

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Re: Project Alison
« Reply #16 on: May 19, 2012, 08:30:50 am »
Coming along nicely!

Get some alloy wheel cleaner on the inlet manifold, it'll come up nicely.

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Re: Project Alison
« Reply #17 on: May 22, 2012, 04:50:57 am »
It is a dirty shed though, this one. Still, better than working in the dark/rain!

Right, better update the progress. We shall carry on where I left off.

Saturday morning I was awoken by Baker who had kept to his word and was at the workshop by about 10.30am. I was however still in bed!

Wanting to push things on I dragged my sleepy arse up and made my way to the unit to meet Baker. On arrival Baker was loaded up and ready for a trip to Aerocoat to drop off/collect parts.

So after some cutting about in his haggard 6N I was feeling a bit more awake and ready for some bacon sarnies and some work! (it was almost 16:00 before I got into overalls).

Shiny bits..

Jim had bought his foreman up the unit, which saw some heavy use! (Fuck knows whats going on with the camera here).

Jim was already on with filling redundant trim holes along his rear panel. I got roped into holding alloy behind the holes in the boot.

In between this and eating bacon sarnies I continued with the butchery of the scuttle area

Nath popped up and sorted me out some gaskets for the inlet manifold and water pipe (obsolete from the dealers).

jim set about the arches..

Which meant I could have my Plant back. So I got the rest of the O/S turret welded up.

Cleaned down the bay a bit and slapped some primer in there. Had a tidy up and went to see what Baker was up to..

Somehow Baker had managed to tun a pile of bolts and a few alloys parts into what was starting to look like a VR6 lump. I gave him a hand fitting the inlet and made another brew.

It was time to remove more weight, so I set about removing the front door cards etc.

I trial fitted a dash..

Looks a bit heavy :badgrin:

Dug out the steering column..

Had a go at removing the large spline adapter. Had success by heating a lot then nipping in a vice and giving it a tickle with the hitting stick.

Joe donated me a wheel for the project. Its a small spline mk2 boss though.

Baker was still going

that pretty much concluded the evenings antics. Left the unit by 1.20am.

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Re: Project Alison
« Reply #18 on: May 22, 2012, 04:55:47 am »
Onto Sunday!

Can't remember what time I managed to get down to the workshop. Lost track of day and night at this point!

jim and Martyn were bang on it though..

I had a peek at then rusty battery tray..

After a bit of discussion with jim (fabrication mentor) I'd made some light..

jim had bought some sheet to repair his sill with. After some pleading he donated some to the cause.

I got this tacked in. Simon appeared briefly so I got him to lend a hand holding brass behind the large gap I'd created with my rough prep. this allowed me to fill it without making it any worse.

Si nobbed off leaving me running a rather brave..

This didn't go as well as i'd hoped. Mixture of fusing and lots of wire and general uncomfortable positions left me quitting while I was ahead..

That was enough for me. Had welded as much as I could. Had a few nasty holes to fill that nrequired a helper with some brass again. Called it a night about 1:00am.

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Re: Project Alison
« Reply #19 on: May 22, 2012, 04:57:18 am »
Tonight saw some keen work again.

Jims Rocco was starting to look very well!

Martyn had a few clean bits ready for painting.

Alison was ready for more works.

After running about to Martyns to pick up his engine from his sadly written off MK1 and a trip to Roy Alans for some 2mm sheet we were in business!

Got this in the spare wheel well of the GT coupe no problem. Quite amusing seeing martyn sat with a gearbox in his footwell! He's running my old 325 E30 about with beige recaro interior and a fuel tank in the boot, so there was no way he could have been moving this in that!

This is what £18 worth of 2mm hot rolled sheet steel looks like!

MD set about cutting some plates for rear turret bracing.

He also gave me a hand holding brass behind holes so I could fill them!

I gave Martyn a hand with tacking up

Bit more gnawsing and some paint.. what hole?!

Si's Dremel tool literally blew up in my hands.. :shock:  :paranoid: Leaving me with a drill and 4 1/2" grinder to clean up.

Martyn ground his tungsten some more and i gave him a hand on the tack it and whack it, fitting of the plates.

jim was cutting about

Left martyn to a few positionals..

And got cleaning the rear turrets on Alison...

Martyn got the brace in there..

Jim did more wire wheeling

In there..

I lent Martyn my steering rack bushes from my mk1 Golf as I'm not going to fit these until iv restored the shell (not for a year or two).

Jim grafted some more

Big bear made an appearance..

By which time I was ready for some welding round the rear turrets

Martyn was now onto bigger and better things..

More cutting..

Meanwhile I got comfy in the spare wheel well.. wish i'd cut the stud off!


Martyn got cracking with his home for the clocks and switches.

Meanwhile I lapped up the positionals.. relatively easy compared with the overhead battery tray positions!

This concluded the evenings fun and games around 01:00am.

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Re: Project Alison
« Reply #20 on: June 14, 2012, 11:07:50 am »
About time for a wee update as I finally have a few mins. Not much works been occuring in terms of "wow, Alison looks different!". Been generally rescuing our unit, which involves burn it, throw it, scrap it or sell it.. Or throw it in the farmers field out the way and think about it. then do one of the afore mentioned later!

It's been so long Iv forgotten what day anything happened and generally wtf's been occuring. I will do my best to add some narration :lol:

Got digging Princess out, she'd been getting used as "storage". After a bit of remove everything from her It seems we have about 10 cars worth of seats! So I stacked these on a pallet and informed people if you want any of these then rescue them and put them somewhere better. Some of them wern't even ours!! WTF, We were also storing corrado doors which were si's ex gf's.. much to bakers disgust when he realised he'd been storing them in his MK! polo! They got fucked off outside with bakers vr.

I got subbing some work out!

The pallet grew..

Fuck me.. there's princess!

I spent a happy week rolling round in the back of princess in Cornwall a few years ago with no seatbelt or cares other than "do i still have brews and bag?" Happy days! Unfortunately the inclines in Cornwall did the clutch. So baker did this to her!

Had a vist from a large Wasp!

I then preceeded to sort through this..

Which is basically Wolleys shit, which is mostly binable or burnable.. with a little red herring thrown in there for good measure! Like who pays money to store a seatbelt retracter mech with no belt in?!! Bloke does my head in sometimes!

These two got close in the corner..

At this point i shall add two cream gash sofas for sale!

The pile grew..

While sorting through I took a while to put a few bits in the ALison build box.

Polished ATV anyone? This one actually isn't too bad other than having been previously polished and then thrown in my old Green G and rallied about.

22mm master cylinder from the green G also..

G40 O/S arb mount. Note the only difference here is a notched radius for belt clearance.

Look at all the space i made!

Gave the guvnors pump a gee up! He needs to start paying rent on this fucker! I'm tempted to get it running soon and sell it or do something random with it!

Even the workbench got a tidy!

Wolley is a nice person.. how do you end up with soo many panels! Yes the mk3 bits are from my G40, but then I still have a mk3 on the road a g40 almost ready for track and alison. He has no mk1's on the road one being allegedly welded up a shitter in our unit and an even bigger shitter sat in a garge somewhere and has been for 3 years at least!

So yeah much ranting about these sorts of general untidyness and the promotion of Work-space and tidy/organised(ish) storage. And throwing out rubbish, that is the root of it, when rubbish goes unnoticed! Always check.. do I need this?!! Does it have a use, if not, is it worth anything?

Meanwhile James had made a start on some handrail fab..

Which went well up until the point he needed to cut some 45degree mitres!

So that pretty much concluded which ever evening that was..

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Re: Project Alison
« Reply #21 on: June 14, 2012, 11:08:58 am »
Had some proper work to be doing which has held up Alison a bit. Made up some of these..

100 of the feckers!


Chore after the first 10. Iv now done 175 of these and they suck. only 75 to go! Untill the next 100 no doubt!

So anyway cars..

Bank holiday saw some work (not queenie bank holiday the one before).

Baker did more VR savagery..

jim did filler

Si "borrowed" a fuel tank off a certain someone..

Martyn cleaned his lump down

and I did some rust treatment. Used Hammerite Krust. Seemed to do something.

Jim soon got bored of filler and set about his clothes rail for Nat in his wifebeater! Haha..

Then it was paint time for MD

Si was under here a while!

Sledge anyone?

6N panel! If anyone wants this.. fiver and its yours.

Me looking suitably gimp sweating my tits off in overalls!

More labour intensive whire wheeling..

Then came the good bit.. paint! :-D

Baker did a bit more then we called it a night.

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Re: Project Alison
« Reply #22 on: June 14, 2012, 11:13:25 am »
Time for a wee update.

Several Sundays ago I had a visit from a certain Hobbit. I had no enthusiasm for the project this day as it was soo hot, so we made a start on my finite adjustable stands, so I can get the car sitting level.

Gashed up a few bits of old shit and made use of said Hobbit..

Cool as fuck welding in his shorts! UV tan ftw!

I allowed Dench some input and he reckoned the use of a rotor was a good idea.. i wasn't so convinced, but cba to find anything more suitable. So for a mock-up I rolled with it!

This needs finishing off. A locating plate in the centre and a new base plate for the jack, with gusseting for extra strength. In theory though it works. Need to make two more for the rear beam trunnions/mounting points. Oh and a couple more jacks from vans.

So that was a days work!


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Re: Project Alison
« Reply #23 on: September 08, 2012, 06:48:45 pm »
How much do you guys all pay for this unit, its well cool. Constantly doing things to your cars, i'd love to have something like this with the boys  ;)