Author Topic: Help with miss fire on slight boost  (Read 781 times)

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Help with miss fire on slight boost
« on: March 19, 2012, 07:17:47 pm »
Hi guys. Posting this for a mate as he has got running problems with his bam engine. If anyone could help would be much appreciated.

It's running an emerald ecu with 2 maps. Been running ok till when at ultimate dubs a coil pack went. Replaced and ran fine. Then on the way back from there the engine pretty much cut out an after half hour or so it started and ran fine. Now he cleaned the engine at the weekend with a steamer and then on Sunday it was not running properly. When the turbo was about to boost at 3k it was like miss firing really bad. Engine runs fine under normal driving conditions. Replaced all the coil packs as they were kinda due and it's made no difference. Now I know the diverter valve can cause some problems as well as a few other parts, read from various forums. It feels like the turbo is not wanting to boost and at 1 point it just held at 3k and wouldn't go any further. Was looking to change the plugs next as we thought it might not be igniting correctly. The plugs are very black and it does smell like its running a bit rich. Fueling was tweaked last month but could ove fueling cause it not to run properly? We did read some were about taking the diverter valve or waste gate off and pushing the diaphragm in with your finger and then covering the vaccum to see of it holds. He's a bit stuck and don't really wanna take it to Tsr and spend loads of money.

As said any help will be great.

(will post this in a golf forum to)