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THE RULES for this section
« on: January 13, 2009, 10:26:04 am »
What is this section:  this traders section is for people and businesses selling Polo G40 related parts and services.  Anything goes really as long as it is to do with Polo G40s.

So these are companies Club G40 supports and recommends?: absolutely not.  None of the products or services advertised here will have been vetted by Club G40 in any way at all.  It's up to you to decide if you think something is worthwhile or trustworthy.  The club cannot be held responsible for any transactions that happen as a result of posts made here or recommendations of any club members.

How do I place an advert?: you need to PM one of the Admin (myself, DKnight or PeteG40).  On approval you will be added to the "Traders" group which lets you post in the traders section.

So absolutely anyone can advertise here?: pretty much but you will have to send a PM to the Club admin to ask to be allowed to post in here.  Only people offering parts and services to the UK will be allowed. 

How many adverts can one person list?: at the moment there is no limit.  However we do ask that you don't flood this section with loads of adverts or keep repeating the same ones or keep "bumping" threads, if you do then you will be removed from the traders group, simple as that.  It's acceptable to post separate threads for the different product ranges or services you offer.  E.G. ok to have engine related parts and suspension related parts in different threads but not OK to have a thread for 40mm suspension, one for 60mm suspension etc... 

Someone has posted a bad reply to my thread: report the thread to the admin/moderators (there is a link in each thread to do this).  Admin/mods will review the situation and will only delete the reply if it seems uncalled for.  We wont simply delete anything because a trader wants it deleting.  The point is, if you want a good reputation then offer good products and service that's how business works.

Someone is offering sub-standard parts or services on the site or just plain ripping people off: please report anything to the admin/moderators using the "report to moderators" link at the bottom of each thread.  Each case will be reviewed.

How long do adverts stay in the traders section for?: there is currently no time limit.

How much does it cost to advertise?: nothing, Club G40 doesn't exist to try and make money.  Any adverts in here should be useful to the club members and attract more members so we don't currently feel that we need to charge anything.  We just ask that traders are active users on here and maintain their threads with up to date information.

Any more questions just PM me!  ;D