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Toothed pulley belts for sale - on behalf of club g40 £15.50 ea

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Right, we've sorted a supply for toothed belts.  They are german quality made under Continental by Contitech.

These are importantly the right length, width and tooth profile for PSD toothed belt pullies. So they shouldn't wear your pully out like wrong profile ones may. They are a HTD - high torque belt.

Always handy to have a spare in case of teeth strippage or belt snap.

These are £15.50 a belt and £3.50 delivery - paypal accepted.

busy t:
just recieved my belt this morning and it is too pulleys say PSD on them so they are definately from pitstop developments, does the pulley size make a difference? will you be able to get one that is the same size as a polo 16v cambelt?

busy t:
right scratch that previous comment^^

after some more research and a look at my charger i realised that you can move the charger to tension the toothed belt. there is a large allen key bolt that looks to me like the charger pivots on (to the right of the charger) and then another large bolt (to the left of the charger). are these the only two bolts i need to loosen in order to move the charger and tension the toothed belt?

yes it is, although you sometimes have to alter the alternator position (a little bit of movement in this makes a lot of difference)

busy t:
can you do a 1020 for the same price?


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