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My Dutch G40 project
« on: August 14, 2008, 09:17:39 pm »
This is my G40 and my project

Project style : German style

This is how he was when i bought him: (Boring)

The first step was lowering with a complete Supersport kit 60mm rear 60mm front:

After this i went to buy some steel wheels:

The steel wheels are from a Golf mark II this is what i made of them:
(7,5J front, 8,5J rear)

Then i needed some tyres and put the steely's under the car:
(front : Dunlop 175-50R13, rear : Continental 195-45R13)

Then i put in a Sachs race clutch and licht flywheel 3.8Kg

After this i bought a 6000k HID xenon conversionkit:

YouTube :

And got some SFS performance silicon Vacumlines

Today i got my bonnet lifters and my no logo grill:

This is what i did so far: (i bought him in november '07)

Volkswagen Polo 86c G40 1991
6000k HID xenon conversion kit
White LED citylights
Golf mkII custom germanstyle rimms
175-50-13 dunlops in front
195-45-13 conti's in back
Supersport 60/60 lowering kit
Sachs race engineering sport clutch
Sachs race engineering light flywheel 3.8kg
Sachs race engineering pressuregroup

whats on program

-building of the front with a new undergrill list and headlight/grill spoiler
-wide body (steel)
-cleaning the front and "new" rear bumper (as smooth as possible) and paint them
-cleaning the trunkdoor
-welding in audi doorhandles
-cleaning the roof (antenna, roofrails)

-Overhauling and flowing G-lader
-5pk gates multibelt with a 68mm poely set
-flowing the gashouse (dont know the UK word : gasflaphouse?)
-Aluminium inlet G-lader
-Carbon airbox
-Aluminium pressure pipe
-Spaghetti exhaust (from the engine)
-Custom chiptuning (on Dyno and on the road)
-Sport Cat
-Group A 65mm Aluminium exhaustsystem with a double round end in the middle of my bumper
-Special injectors
-Bosh Platinum sparkplugs
-Samco or SFS silicon hoses
-Discbrakes in the rear
-Brembo braking front/back
-New loweringkit (screwkit?)
-Polishing all the parts under the hood


-Single front wiper
-Dark hella headlights with black cross


-Cream leather interior (seats, doors)
-Black leather interior (roof)
-Black leather interior with cream sticks (dashboard, soundboard)
-Cream alacantra floor
-Polished rollcage (only the back)
-Plasmaglow cockpit
-RaidHP nightflight extra meters (laderpressure, oilpressure, oiltemp, exhausttemp)
-Momo steeringwheel
-Momo pedals
-Momo footrest
-Momo gearset
-Momo carpets
-Parts with nu leather over them i will make from carbon
-Aluminium finishing (detail's)
-Electric window opener (proffesional kit)
-The best Clifford alarm (complete with GPS)

I see you thinking "wher is his soundsystem",.....
Well dont need a soundsystem! i'm always driving without a radio
I love the sound of my G-lader and exhaust etc etc

In the middle of all this i will paint over the whole car in the original colour

When i'm done i have spent over GBP 7200,00 (includes buying the car)
The valuationvalue in the netherlands will be about GBP 12000,00

Greetz Rogier
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Re: My Dutch G40 project
« Reply #1 on: August 28, 2008, 01:35:01 pm »
thats so cool :D

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Re: Re: My Dutch G40 project
« Reply #2 on: September 11, 2008, 12:03:07 pm »
Very nice car!

Hss a great road stance with the ride heaight an wheels!