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This section is for people to post comments and reviews on companies who make and/or supply G40 related parts and companies who are involved with tuning Polo G40s.

Topic Title format

Please use the following simple topic title format in order to make this section easy to use.

    - topic title should include the company name and rough location.


- You can post in here if you have first hand experience only, posting 2nd hand information about a company someone has told you is not allow, neither is posting what some bloke down the pub might think about a certain company!

- Any posts that forum admin or moderators feel is libelous, without evidence or simply exaggerated will be deleted without notice.

- If you feel a post has been made which is giving incorrect information in any way, please feel free to report it to forum admin/moderators who will look into it.  Refrain from starting arguments in public on the forum.

- Don't feel this is just a place for complaining, if you have had good service from a company then that feedback is even more important!

- All the comments posted in this section represent the poster's opinion only, they are not the views of Club G40 admin or moderators.  Take anything you read with a pinch of salt!


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