Author Topic: Oily's Eaton build! update...26/09/2010  (Read 1935 times)

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Oily's Eaton build! update...26/09/2010
« on: May 28, 2010, 07:31:22 pm »
Righto, thoguht i better get a thread on the go.

Bought this eaton kit off RKDemon a few months ago.

also just got my g40 block back form the machine shop last week, all nicely bored out to 77mm  8)

On the hunt for a clutch atm, then the crank, flywheel and clutch are off to the machine shop to have the crank balanced and flywheel lightened and balanced.
got to do a little work on the block then i can drop the pistons in!!!

So hopefully i will keep the thread updated when stuff happens. only thign thats slowing it down is the money side of things (same old excuse lol)

I am building this a kinda of a learning curve, teaching my sell about the chargers, and boost pressures etc.
i'm a mechanic so, theres no hard ship in the build itself as well :)

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Re: Oily's Eaton build!
« Reply #1 on: September 26, 2010, 10:23:34 pm »
Update no.2 26/09/2010

right it has been a while, been busy with lots of other things and or odd projects.  but the eaton is now back on focus.

bought myself a paddle clutch for it from C.G Motorsport.

i've had the crank dynamicly balanced.

oh and picked up my new bottom end bearings, from the VW dealer, for the crank and pistons :D

just in the prosess now of painting the block the i'll order my bottom end gasket set and it on with re-assembling the bottom half, then on to the top half :D

i know i have been taking my time with the build, but money keeps going to other things :( but like i said this is now back on track :)

few pictures to keep you lot in the frame

where the work is carried out.

in the middle of been cleaned up for paint

first coat of paint,  the camera is showing it a bit on the orange side, but its red.

nice new bearings

and the clutch :)