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Boost measuring
« on: March 03, 2010, 05:35:42 pm »
Haynes wrote in the manual a guide on how to install i boost gauge but called it something like " boost pressure check/measuring"

I will write excactly what it says in the manual.

1, The G-Charger develops its maxium pressure at full load and so cannot be tested with the vechile stationary.
It is recommended that the boost pressure is measured by a VW dealer (and get ripped off) using a rolling road.
However if this is not possible the measurment may be made as follows.

2, Connect a vacuum hose T-Piece in line with the vacuum supply to the fuel pressure regulator.
Route a length of vacuum hose from the T-Piece to a pressure gauge in the cabin.
Close the bonnet, ensuring that the vacuum hose is not trapped.
Enlist the help of an assistant to hold the gauge and read off the measurments from the passenger seat.

3, Drive the vehicle on a strip of private road (not the public highway) at full throttle in 2nd gear whilst simultaneously depressing the foot brake to maintain an engine speed of 4000RPM.
Have your assistant record the maximum boost pressure indicated.
Caution! Do not maintain these driving conditions for more than 10 seconds

4, Compare the measurement with that listed in the Specifications.
If the boost pressure is low, check tension of the drivebelts and make sure that there are no leaks or blockages in the inlet system, before condemning the G-charger.

Hope this helps.