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sticking boot lock fix
« on: July 11, 2008, 02:30:38 am »
I thought I'd do a 'how to' on properly fixing the dreaded sticking boot locks on or G40's or any mk3 actually.  Usually down to dry, old grease internally clogging the mechanism.  A good soaking with Wd40 with a straw into the key hole doesnt always work or not for long!  No pics unfortunalty so it's a canny read but as detailed as possible.

1. remove 4 screws from under boot plynth which houses the number plate lights.  These are often rusted so may be a killer so its a good time to replace once they're off.  Take off boot plyth by sliding it towards you away from the bootlid.

2. open the boot fully and now remove the 8 or so black plastic clips holding the bootlid inner plastic cover.  They only pop off (well fly off so catch em quick) but now you can get behind to remove the lock barrel and housing.

3.  look closely at the inside of the boot lock still atached to the boot lid.  You will see a slim bar going from it downwards to the base of the bootlid latch.  You need to free this bar from the lock hosuing you are about to remove by carefully pushing it at 90degrees from the lock housing.  It is secured by a small white plastic clip.  Push firmly and smoothly and it should just pop off.  Leave the bar still atached to the latch.

4.  to remove the lock component from the boot you need to squeeze the sides of the housing so the tabs either side are contracted and the boot lock housing will slide out from the boot lid.

5.  now you could soak the whole unit in oil or Wd40 and hope for the best but in my experience it's no good because it seazes because of dry, old grease which doesnt shift from this alone or not for long anyway.

6.  go inside with a table and some good lighting  :D

7.  to remove the barrel from the plastic housing you need to remove a circlip on the back about the size of a 10 pence piece.  To get to this you need to push the barrel inwards as you would to pop the boot and use a screw driver or something of the equivilant that can push the circlip off at the same time.  It's tough mind so you'll need something substantial and patience.

8.  once thats off the barrel will easily slide out from the front.

9.  Carefully and methodically remove the small 'keys' that are slotted into the sides of the barrel.  NOTE!! - Keep them in the order you take them out, on the table in front of you as these are the 'codes' for your key!
When you remove them, do so carefully as they are spring loaded and the springs behind them have a tendency to poke careful not to damage them.

10.  cleaning:  basically all thats left to do is clean everything.  What i did was wire brush the barrel and spray with some automotive cleaner to degrease.  The 'keys need to be indiviually wire brushed with a small toothbrushed sized brush and one by one slotted back into the barrel into their original slot.  before slotting them back in wipe them wih some grease such as LM grease or equivilant.  When all the  'key' slots are back in coat the whole barrel in grease.  

11.  before you slot the barrel back in the plastic housing clean the housing internally too.  

12.  insert barrel and try key...if all's well use some mole grips or big pliers and snap the circlip back into place into the groove in the back of the barrel.

13  back to the car.....push the barrel housing back into bootlid.

14  clip latch bar back onto small plastic clip on barrel housing

15 re fit boot plynth with new bolts if necessary and put some grease on them to keep water off the heads.

your boot lock should be smooth as owt even during the winter now!!

Dan (supercharged spaniel)
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Re: sticking boot lock fix
« Reply #1 on: July 11, 2008, 08:23:12 am »
good read,  never taken it apart to this exent - i normally do 1-6 then spend about 4 days applying 3 in 1 oil back to front and never had one re seize!!

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Re: Re: sticking boot lock fix
« Reply #2 on: September 25, 2008, 12:18:07 am »
yeah nice read, the small keys you can actually get replacements, there are only 3 or 4 variations, they are expensive tho, about £1 each and not available to joe public, a good garage could locate them, so technically if you have a ignition barrel, you can make a lock set...