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VW Polo Nov 1990 to Aug 1994 (H to L Reg)

Models Covered
VW polo Saloon, Hatchback & Coupe models,
including G40 (supercharged) Coupe & special/limited editions;
1043 cc & 1272 cc petrol engines

12.2 Wiring Diagrams

Fuse Colour Code:

White     8 Amps
Red        16 Amps
Yellow    20 Amps


1  8A        Number Plate Lights
2  8A        Fog Lights, Rear Fog Lights
3  8A        LH Side and Tail Lights, Instrument Illumination
4  8A        RH Side and Tail Lights, Headlight Washer
5  8A        LH Main Beam
6  8A        RH Main Beam and Warning Light
7  8A        LH Dipped Beamm LH Headlight Adjustment
8  8A        RH Dipped Beamm RH Headlight Adjustment
9  8A        Horn, Carburettor Idle Cut-Off Valve, Reversing Light
10 8A       Direction Indicators, Seat Heating
11 8A       Interior Light, Cigar Lighter, Radio, Diagnosis Supply
12 8A       Stop Light, Clock
13 16A      Engine Cooling Fan
14 16A      Rear Wiper, Blower, Lighting Switch Light
15 8A       Windscreen Wipers, Intermittent Wipe
16 16A      Heated Rear Window

(1) 20A Electric Fuel Pump, Lambda Sensor ( in separate holder above the fuse box)

I dont think all of the fuses apply to the G40 as this is for quite a few polo's

Hope this helps